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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg

! MOSES Scene II. :

! MOSES Scene II. : Evening before Thebes. The Pyramids are being built. Swarms of Hebrews labouring. Priests and Taskmasters. Two Hebrews are furtively talking. Koelue passes by singing. Koelue The vague viols of evening- Call all the flower clans To some abysmal swinging And tumult of deep trance ; He may hear, flower of my singing, And come hither winging. Old Hebrew [Gazing after her in a muffled frenzy.^ Hateful harlot ! Boils cover your small cruel face. O, fine champion Moses : O, so good to us : O, grand begetter on her of a whip and a torturer, Her father, born to us since you kissed her. Our champion, O so good to us 63

! : ; POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG Young Hebrew For shame! Our brothers 1 twisted blood-smeared "111 us Tell we only have more room for wreck curtailed : For you, having no teeth to draw, it is no mercy Perhaps; but they might mangle your gums Or touch a nerve somewhere. He barred it now And that is all his thanks, he, too, in peril. Be still, old man ; wait a little. Wait Old Hebrew All day some slow dark quadruped beats To pulp our springiness : All day some hoofed animal treads our veins, Leisurely—leisurely our energies flow out All agonies created from the first day Have wandered hungry searching the world for us, Or they would perish like disused Behemoth. Is our Messiah one to unleash these agonies As Moses does, who gives us an Abinoah ? Young Hebrew Yesterday as I lay nigh dead with toil Underneath the hurtling crane oiled with our blood, 64