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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg

: " MOSES Moses You may

: " MOSES Moses You may think it your duty to get drunk ; But get yourself bronze claws before You would be impudent. Abinoah When a mans drunk he'll kiss a horse or king, He's so affectionate. Under your words There is strong wine to make me drunk ; you think, The lines of all your face say, " Her father, Koelue's father. Moses This is too droll and extraordinary. I dreamt I was a prince —a queer droll dream Where a certain slave of mine, a thing, a toad, Shifting his belly, showed a diamond Where he had lain ; and a blind dumb messenger Bore syllabled messages soaked right through with glee I paid the toad, the blind man ; afterwards They spread a stench and snarling. O, droll dream ! 73

; ! POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG I think you merely mean to flatter me, You subtle knave, that, more than prince, I'm man And worth to listen to your bawdy breath. Abinoah Yet my breath was worth your mixing with. Moses A boy at college flattered so by a girl Will give her what she asks for. Abtxoah Osiris ! Burning Osiris ! Of thee desirable, for thee, her hair. . . . [He looks inanely at Moses, saying to himself.] Prince Imra vowed his honey-hives and vineyards: Isis, to let a Jew have her for nothing [He sings under his breath.] Night by night in a little house A man and woman meet They look like each other, They are sister and brother ; And night by night at that same hour A king calls for his son in vain. 74