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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg

MOSES Moses [To

MOSES Moses [To himself.] So, sister Miriam, it is known [Aloud.] then. Slave, you die. O, you ambiguous stench, You'll be more interesting as a mummy I have no doubt. Abinoah Fin drunk, yes—drenched with the thought Of a certain thing. [Aside.'] I'll sleep sounder to-night Than all the nights I've followed him about Worrying each slight clue, each monosyllable To give the word to Imra : the prince is near, And Moses' eyes shall blink before next hour To a hundred javelins. Til tease him till they come. [Aloud.] On Koelue's tears I swam to you, in a mist Of her sighs I hung round you ; As in some hallucination I've been walking A white waste world, we two only in it. Moses Doubtless the instinct balked to bully the girl, Making large gapings in your haschish dreams, 75

! \_Hc is silent awhile, then turns away. \ [Moses turns back- menacingly. \ \_He changes his tone to a winning softness. \ — POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG Led you to me in whom she was thoroughly lost. Pah, you sicken me ! Abinoah Prince Imra is Pharaoh's choice now, and Koelue's. Silence, you beast Moses I hate these family quarrels : it is so Like fratricide. I am a rebel, well ? Soft ! You are not, and we are knit so close It would be shame for a son to be so honoured And the father still unknown : come, Koelue's (so my) father, I'll tell my plans — you'll beg to be rebel then. Look round on the night Old as the first, bleak, even her wish is done ; She has never seen, though dreamt perhaps of the sun, Yet only dawn divides ; could a miracle 76