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Devonshire February March 17

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FASHION & BEAUTY Experience how different a visit to the dentist can be At Ashbury Dental Care, we offer the complete range of dental care, with a growing in house referral team and a practice purpose built with your comfort and relaxation in mind. It’s service to make you smile. A team of experts for complete care With dental care advancing every day, the need for a team approach is becoming ever more important. At Ashbury Dental Care we are proud to have recruited some of the leading experts in their fields to allow us to provide outstanding care to our patients. Root Fillings & Endodontics Teeth may require root canal treatment for a variety of reasons and in spite of the general perception, this is generally painless. By root treating a tooth, a tooth can often be saved, meaning no gaps and less need for dentures, bridges and implants. Root canal treatment, or root fillings as they are often called, is a procedure that is carried out to remove infection from within a tooth, disinfect the tooth and then seal the tooth to prevent further problems. Our Root Filling Expert - Dr Martin Damyanov Dr Martin Damyanov is our resident expert when it comes to everything to do with root fillings and root canal treatment. After additional training at the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute in London and as a dentist with a special interest in Endodontics, his clinical time is now exclusively spent concentrating on this complex area. Referrals from across the South West As well as providing in-house care for our patients, he also accepts referrals from across the south west, both from dentists and self referring patients. Dr Martin Damyanov - DWSI - Endodontics GDC No. 112397 40 Ashbury Dental Care - 53 East Budleigh Road - Budleigh Salterton - Devon - EX9 6EW Countryside, History, Walks, the Arts, Events & all things Devon at: DEVONSHIRE

FASHION & BEAUTY A point of view! Nelson’s Column by JOHN FISHER But Sir Rivers points out that we got a date wrong and that Carew was born in Bickleigh right enough but not in July 1693, as so many of the sources have it, but on 23rd September, 1690. We stand corrected. History repeats itself, historians repeat each other! Sir Rivers is nearing completion of his history of the family from its earliest ancestor, Walter FitzOther, one of the few men listed in the Domesday Book as a tenant-in-chief - someone who held his lands directly from the Crown. when it capsized at the Battle of the Solent in the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour on 19 July, 1545. He had only taken command that day and many of the crew, who were foreigners, spoke no English. Carew’s last known words, called out to his uncle Gawen Carew aboard a nearby warship were, “I have the sort of knaves I cannot rule!” Of the crew of nearly 500 only 34 survived and Sir George’s body was never recovered. When the ship was raised nearly 450 years later, only some pewter plates stamped with his initials were recovered from the wreck. The Devon-born Admiral of the Mary Rose OUR THANKS to Sir Rivers Carew, BT, of the ancient and noble Carew family who writes to say how much he enjoyed Devonshire’s article in the December issue on the subject of what he calls “that disreputable member of my family” the notorious Bamfylde-Moore Carew, Devon’s very own self-styled King of the Gypsies (see Devonshire mag website). Old age and in youth in a Devon garden THERE IS NO AVOIDING THE FACT that Spring is already happening in Devon where a neglected Mother Nature, grown scruffy in recent months, now invites us tenderly to get out there and get on with it. But relax: no gardening column this, rather an opportune reminder to the armchair gardeners amongst us that Charles Dickens, who lived and worked and roamed in Devon as a cub reporter, loved gardens and drew on his Exeter notebooks when he later wrote: Image: Mary Rose Org. A significant part of that story will doubtless revolve around Admiral Sir George Carew (c. 1504 – 19 July 1545) who was born at Mohuns Ottery, an historic manor house and the Carew family seat in the parish of Luppitt, near Honiton. Soldier, adventurer and latterly admiral, he perished during the reign of King Henry VIII in the Royal Navy flagship Mary Rose see him digging, and sweeping, and cutting, and planting, with manifest delight” And if you can barely remember the warmth and colours of Summer, you may find comfort as you turn again to Dickens, this time as he recalls his childhood in his guise as David Copperfield. (His parents lived at Mile End Cottage, Church Road, Alphington, near Exeter). Image: P/A New quid on the block A REMINDER that the new 12-sided £1 coin comes in on March 28, and the old “round pound”, so loved of parking meters and shopping trolleys, will be in circulation alongside the new coin until it ceases to be legal tender on October 15. Meantime, Councils across Devon are busy updating software to ensure their machines in car parks are up to the task whilst Devon County Council, with 200 on-street meters, is also on target to bring about the transformation. So no excuses and no let-off for Devon parkers then. Total cost of the big changeover is as yet unknown, but as they do say in The Weary Badger (somewhere in Devon), “Ah, ’t is an ill wind as don’ blow nobody a bit a good!” “In fine weather the old gentleman is almost constantly in the garden; and when it is too wet to go into it, he will look out of the window at it by the hour together. He has always something to do there, and you will “Now I am in the garden at the back… a very high preserve of butterflies, as I remember it, with a high fence and a gate and padlock; where the fruit clusters on the trees, richer and riper than fruit has ever been since, in any other garden, and where my mother gathers some in a basket, while I stand by, bolting furtive gooseberries, and trying to look unmoved.” hubcast .co.u k 41

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