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Devonshire February March 17

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FINCH FOUNDRY A unique piece of industrial heritage at Sticklepath The old village stocks and phone box, Sticklepath's an interesting, unspoilt village It's said that when this hammer was in operation, it could be heard 3 miles away. You can imagine the constant noise for residents in Sticklepath, it must have been quite intrusive Heating up the 'work' in the forge ready for shaping on the anvil Just over the road, the landlady said all the shelves had rails to stop items bouncing off - due to the 84forge hammers Looks very much like Great patina and grunge, The Devonshire Inn - a a 'man trap'. One of National Trust have fine traditional pub at the pitfalls of poaching managed carefully to Sticklepath - dogs are would be one of these 'pickle in aspic' to great always welcome! round Countryside, your leg History, Walks, the Arts, effect Events & all things Devon at: DEVONSHIRE Some of the wide variety implements manufactured at Finch Foundry

Abundant free energy - here you can see the overhead water shute, water entering on the left and being carried overhead until channeled onto the overshot water wheels situated below. Several water wheels were powered by this supply, enabling functions such as driving the honing wheels, croppers, forced air for the forges and the forge hammers The honing shop, drive belts powering the honing stones for shaping and sharpening implements It's hard to believe Finch Foundry could knock out 400 implements in a day Remnants of machinery, the whole facility has been very sensitively preserved which enhances your experience The chute feeding one of the overshot water wheels. Overshot wheels were used where maximum energy was to be extracted from water flow, where larger, more powerful streams and rivers existed, undershot wheels were deployed - these were less efficient but strenght of the water flow would make up for losses hubcast .co.u k 85

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