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Devonshire February March 17

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GARDENING Preparing for the new Season by Gill Heavens What? You haven’t started preparing for the new season yet? Oh dear, never mind, no need to panic, but we better get on with it! In the horticultural Olympics spring is the sprint event. It is a time when the natural world goes into hyper-drive after the inertia of winter and it can sometimes feel like you are running for your life. Just like any successful athlete, in order to not to be trampled underfoot in the mad dash, you must be fully prepared for the race. I think we may have had enough athletic analogies, shall we get down to the nitty gritty? Now is the perfect time of year to cut back any remaining herbaceous foliage and seed heads, which have hopefully been feasted upon by your garden wildlife. This will enable you to see a clearer picture; what has grown too large, is being swamped by a neighbour or perhaps struggling to be seen. You can then divide the vigorous, move the strangled or give a little extra loving care, all as necessary. Avoid doing this in frosty weather, though in balmy One of your allies in the garden, warming up in the early hours of the morning - look after them in the colder months and they'll help keep your garden pests at manageable levels Devon we are generally excused the worst of the icy snaps. Be careful of any emerging bulbs, you don’t want to cut them off before they have even reached their prime. What I mean is, be sure to “tip toe through the tulips”. Next give your borders a thorough weed and mulch using either your own garden compost, spent mushroom compost, well-rotted manure, wood chip, which ever you have available. This will limber up your borders for the coming year, give them a head start against the weeds and make them look pristine. As this might be the only time this year they are so manicured, enjoy it while you can. I may just be talking about my own garden here! If you grow plants in pots this is an ideal opportunity to do an annual service. Re-pot them if they have outgrown their continued overleaf... hubcast .co.u k 91

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