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Informal Labor Services

Informal Labor Services Informal labor services is a livelihood category used in this report. It refers to all informal labor services regardless of the basis of their payment—hourly, salaried, or piece work, and regardless of the skill level—unskilled or skilled labor such as carpentry, borehole maintenance, barbering/ salon. We categorized a respondent as earning their livelihood from informal labor services if the main source of their income during the period of the study was from the sale of labor services. Intra-Household Transfer (IHT) A transfer of money from one member of a household to another. For example, a husband gives his spouse money to go buy groceries. An IHT is different from a cash gift see above. Lumpsum A sum of money which is unusually large for the individual in question and which can serve a number of purposes, such as buying an asset, purchasing business stock, buying items in bulk, paying for an event, responding to an emergency,etc. Micro-Retail Businesses Micro-retail businesses is a livelihood category used in this report. It refers to all businesses whose owners are individuals whose main source of income during he period of the study was from the sale of durable and perishable goods at a roastand, marketstall, or from a storefront. This includes those who earned the bulk of their money from rentals. It does NOT include farmers who sold farm produce or livestock they grew or reared themselves. Outflow A type of transaction that involves money flowing out of the hands of the respondent. These include all purchases of goods and services, cash transfers given, deposits into savings, and loans given, loan repaymen made, and insurance premia paid. Transaction Includes all sales and purchases, income earned from informal or formal labor, use of financial tools, and exchanges of in kind goods. Go To Menu ix

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