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Farming As a Livelihood

Farming As a Livelihood and As a Source of Subsistence Seventy-two respondents’ main livelihood was farming—they earned the majority of their income selling farm produce. Crosssectional data also revealed that a large proportion of the sample, however, grew crops or belonged to a household that grew crops, even though their main source of income was not from farming. Figure 3: Farmer Breakdown by Province About one-third of those that did grow crops on their farms consumed all that they grew from their most recent harvest. Another one-fifth consumed more than half but not all the crops they grew. Figure 4: Farming Households’ Consumption of Crops from Most Recent Harvest Most of the respondents were between the ages of 20 and 39. We did not interview anyone younger than 18 years of age to avoid the challenges of interviewing younger teenagers and children (Figure 5). Go To Menu 7

Figure 5: Histogram of Respondents’ Ages Towards the end of the study, we asked respondents to list all of the assets they owned, other than their home and the land they farmed. Generally, respondents did not own high valued assets that they could sell in a time of need. The data show that almost 60 percent of respondents owned a radio or some sort of stereo equipment, over 50 percent owned farming tools, and about 50 percent owned a mobile phone. Fewer than 10 percent of the respondents reported owning a motorized vehicle of any sort. The most common motorized vehicle that they reported owning was a motorcycle. Figure 6: Respondents’ Asset Ownership A majority of respondents reported living in a home that either they owned or another member of their household owned. This ownership mostly tended to be informal, however, as more than three-quarters of respondents who reported owning their dwelling said that they did not have a title or deed for it. 8 Go To Menu

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