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In contrast, a male

In contrast, a male respondent earned a steady income up until the birth of his child in week 33 and continued to do so after the birth (Figure 28). Figure 28: Income and Expenses Before and After Childbirth, Man An analysis of the impact of weddings suggests that respondents experienced an increase in income and an increase in household spending in the week leading up to the wedding and the wedding week itself. It is unclear what the dynamics driving this were. One possibility is that people anticipated having to spend money on the wedding and sought to increase their income in anticipation of having to make those additional expenditures. EMERGENCIES Of the 355 respondents, 168 reported a funeral in at least one of the interviews our enumerators conducted with them. We looked at the impact on income and household spending in the week before, during, and after the funeral and the analysis suggests there was no difference in either income or spending from the weeks when there was no funeral. Over 200 respondents reported confronting a medical issue in at least one week during the study period. Looking at the week in which the medical issue occurred and the following week, we see a negative impact on earnings, but there does not seem to have been any discernible impact on inflows through financial tools, such as home savings or cash gifts from friends and family. Managing Unexpected Events: The Story of Edinah Edinah is an elderly landlord based in Lusaka city who lives with some of her children. She earned an average of ZMW 592 per week from her rentals, and she was a regular user of formal and informal financial services. In week 41, Edinah received news that her son, Thomas, was involved in an accident and had damaged someone’s property. The police arrested Thomas that day and contacted his mother. In order to help her son, Edinah withdrew a large sum of money from her home savings to help cover her son’s costs. In addition to a ZMW 400 police fine, Edinah also had to pay ZMW 760 worth of construction materials in order to repair the damage Thomas had caused. Although Edinah made regular use of her chilimba and savings account at Investrust Bank during the study, she chose to withdraw from her home savings to cover these unexpected charges due to the urgency of the situation. Withdrawing the almost ZMW 1,200 from her home savings was faster than going to a bank or trying to work out an arrangement with her chilimba. Although her bank and chilimba provide her with secure places to save her money, they do not always offer the same convenience that her home savings do. Go To Menu 43

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