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LUMP SUM PURCHASES Building on Chapter 5’s discussion on lump-sum expenditures, we can see that those in the formally employed sector spent the most, on average, on lump sums for both household and business purposes. Micro-retail businesses had the second highest average business lump-sum expenditures. The remaining livelihoods had roughly similar sizes for their lump-sum expenditures. Figure 50: Average Size of Lump Sum Expenditures per Livelihood A look at the average number of lump-sum purchases per week, however, reveals a slightly different story. Micro-retail businesses, as is expected, conducted a significantly greater number of business lump-sum expenditures per week than the other livelihoods, and formally employed workers conducted the least. Dependents conducted the greatest number of household lump-sum expenditures. Go To Menu 67

Figure 51: Average Number of Lump-Sum Expenditures per Week Although a review of the seasonality of outliers for all livelihoods did not find any conclusive patterns for most livelihoods, some did experience seasonality. Farmers, for example, see a slight, steady rise of weekly average asset purchases heading towards the sowing season in October; this trend continues through the sowing season. Micro-retail businesses, on the other hand, see a drop in their number of outlier purchases around the time of harvest season and the summer months when people are focused on farming. Figure 52: Seasonawlity of Outlier Purchases for Micro-Retail Businesses and Farmers 68 Go To Menu

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