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Modular F.R.L. Units

Modular F.R.L. Units Series AC-B Main benefits • Space, handling and maintenance savings with the new innovative-construction AC series: · Better visibility and improved lifetime with the transparent bowl guard model. · Time and space savings in maintenance. · Handling and labour savings, with easier control and easy and quick in-hand maintenance and replacement of elements. · Easier maintenance with improved visibility thanks to different pressure gauges selectable. • Improved resistance to chemicals and improved robustness against shocks with optional bowls. Features • Transparent polycarbonate double layer structure bowl guard available, with 360° visibility, weight reduction and better resistance to rust or corrosion Applicable to AF, AFM, AFD, AL, AW for body sizes 30 or more. Transparent bowl guard (Material: Polycarbonate) Inner bowl (Material: Polycarbonate) – Possible to monitor the condensate inside the filter case and the remaining oil amount in the lubricator from anywhere. Existing model: AW0 New models: AW10-A / AW0(K)-B 360° visible – Environmental resistance due to the inner bowl is completely protected with a polycarbonate bowl guard. Existing model New models Transparent bowl guard Double layer design Inner bowl Bowl guard Pressure Cracks may occur in a portion where the internal pressure is applied. Pressure Inner bowl Transparent bowl guard 2

• In-bowl assembled element construction – the element and the bowl are in one piece 75 mm 40 mm - Reduced time and space for maintenance - Easy and quick in-hand replacement / manipulation. - Compactness with height reduction and lightweight. Existing model AF40 (450 g weight) 35 mm 46 % reduction New model AF40-A (360 g weight) • Modular connection with a new and improved spacer with bracket Interchangeable with existing models. Step q • Mount the product by lining up the mating surface of the new spacer with bracket. • Insert the retainer into the spacer bolt and tentative tighten the nut by fingers. Step w • Tighten the nut with the hexagon. Spacer with bracket Retainer Nut Tentative tightening by fingers is possible. • Interchangeability with existing AR series by panel mounting • More visual and useful bowl locking system – Adapted convex body. – Coincident with the bowl lock button. • Integrated and selectable pressure gauges and switches Click! Square embedded type pressure gauge Round type pressure gauge Digital pressure switch • Bowl material selectable – Polycarbonate – standard type. – Metal type – with and without level gauge. – Nylon. • Made to Order variations available for specific requirements 3

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