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JOB SPECIFICATION • The primary responsibility will be to drive the company’s technical research and product development strategy across the chemicals product portfolio. • You will be part of a technical team, which is championing innovation, technical asset creation, regulatory compliance and the commercial value of our products across all European markets. • Direct, create and commercially justify new opportunities around the FMCG chemical technologies. • Oversee research & development within the chemicals product portfolio, guide group trials and the creation of commercially relevant products to ensure they maintain its position as market leader. • Oversee trends within consumer and B2B markets, assisting the team with developing new technologies. ________ JOB ADVERT

FIND OUT MORE For further details on the company and this exciting role please contact Chris Barker at Collingwood Executive Search who will be happy to give you further insight. +44 (0)1829 732374 ________ JOB ADVERT

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