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Phase 1 Report


90 80 77.8 70 60 50 40

90 80 77.8 70 60 50 40 44.4 33.3 40.7 30 20 22.2 18.5 14.8 10 3.7 0 To make new friends To have fun To gain new experience To get certifcates To make a difference to something I care To help me get a job / get into College The activity itself (what you would actu A reward (e.g. timebanking voucher) What might stop you from volunteering? 60 57.1 50 40 30 20 14.9 16.9 17.5 19.5 20.1 10 7.1 0 I don’t know enough about volunteering I don’t know where to find out about v I can’t get to the volunteering opport I'm too young I don’t have the confidence I don’t have the time Other (please state): The most often mentioned barrier was lack of time cited by 57.1% of young people. Other potential barriers to volunteering mentioned by respondents included: Cost of travelling Work commitments The need to earn money 12

Lack of opportunities Volunteer Branding Overall, there was a much lower response rate for this section of the online survey, suggesting that young people were less interested or had less knowledge about this aspect of volunteering. Which one of these volunteering brands have you heard of / do you recognise? 43.7% of respondents had not heard of any of the three volunteering brands, and 41.8% did not recognise any of the logos. The brand with the highest recognition rates was Volunteering Wales, which had nearly twice the recognition rates of the other two brands. Please describe what you know about GwirVol: 13

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