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Phase 1 Report


Responses included the

Responses included the following: A movement that supports volunteering activity. A space for people to access volunteering opportunities. Nothing Funding bids for young people's projects Helps volunteering of young people in Wales. I used to be part of the steering group of young people called gwirforce They provide grants to partnerships to do volunteering and try to promote young people volunteering. Have you used the GwirVol website? Can't remember 17% Yes 40% No 43% Is the GwirVol website: 14

How could it be improved? Comments included: Easier to use and add hours Improve the variety of the database/opportunities, advertise more, and make the link between the user and the organisation more direct Actual rewards eg. Discount vouchers Is there a blog section for the volunteers to blog and update diaries of their experiences?... Please describe what you know about Millennium Volunteers: 15

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