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Phase 1 Report


Responses included: A

Responses included: A programme that recognises young people's commitment to volunteering and allows them to get the recognition they deserve Accreditation Rewards Banking hours Millennium volunteers helps young people from the age of 14-25 to volunteer and take part in community activities that give back, it works around you and your jobs and helps you have a lot of fun while giving back Nothing A certificate for amount of hours given to volunteering you gain a certificate for volunteering when you have done 50 100 or 200 hours I carried out my MV hours whilst at Dr.M'z. You get awards for completing 50,100 & 200 hours of volunteering. It is a recognised award to show that you are a committed, dedicated person. Have you accessed Millennium Volunteers online? Can't remember 13% Yes 26% No 61% Is Millennium Volunteers: 16

How could it be improved? Responses include: More organisation signed up completed a lot more hours than logged but unable to log most of my hours Can’t remember To add more information on how to get involved. Please describe what you know about Volunteering Wales: Responses included: All I know is the website promotes volunteering jobs 17

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