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Phase 1 Report


Advertise volunteering

Advertise volunteering opportunities Helps you to find volunteer work that YOU are interested and can help you get in touch with volunteer people in your area . I don't know much I just recognize the logo I have heard of them before but i don't know anything about them I've heard of it through friends but it was only mentioned in passing. I wouldn't have remembered it without seeing the name. It provides information about volunteering opportunities I think. Nothing Volunteering Wales gives you information and advise on how to volunteer and what you can help in in your area and how to get involved, it can give you your local volunteering advisor and helps you get an understanding of how you can do it Can't remember 17% Yes 35% Have you accessed the Volunteering Wales website? No 48% Is the Volunteering Wales website: 18

How could it be improved? Responses included: Better search engine Direct links to someone in the organisations to contact about volunteering.. Also needs to be updated as it's glichy and slow. Hard to navigate without losing where I am It needs a bit more personality and also needs to provide more info about the places that you can volunteer. It is quite uninspiring. By allowing you to enquire on more than three opportunities 19

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