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Phase 1 Report


Branding All four groups

Branding All four groups of young people consulted shared their opinions surrounding the current branding of volunteering brands in Wales, including Volunteering Wales, Gwirvol and Millennium Volunteers. They also expressed their suggestions to improve accessibility and promotion of volunteering for young people. The groups initially shared three words to express what volunteering means to them. When asked whether these words sum up the personalities of current volunteering brands the general views were mixed but primarily expressed confusion over the current branding. The young people currently engaged with volunteering showed the most knowledge about volunteering brands through recognition, however when asked they did not know what the brand represented or its purpose. One young person summed up their most important aspect of a volunteering brand by: I think there should be some kind of way to showcase the diversity of volunteering opportunities, the reason people keep volunteering is passion, it’s the biggest thing! The Gwirvol and Millennium Volunteers brand was the most recognised amongst those young people consulted. 11 out of 33 young people recognised both the Gwirvol and Millennium volunteers brand but again, few could explain the purpose of these brands. The 5 young volunteers on Wrexham’s CVC youth volunteering panel identified Gwirvol as they approve funding applications made for Gwirvol from the community. However, they didn’t fully understand what it actually did for young people. Some of the EYST volunteers did recognise the brand but thought that it was the least important out of the three. The majority of young people thought that it was visually the most appealing, attractive and ‘in your face’ brand, however they didn’t know what ‘Gwirvol’ actually meant. One young female shared her concerns over the Gwirvol brand for young people: If I was involved with Gwirforce and I don’t understand what Gwirvol is then that’s quite worrying for other young people – how are they supposed to understand what it is? 28

The Millennium Volunteers brand was highly recognised by EYST volunteers and they felt that this was the most important brand for young people as it recognised their achievements and their volunteering hours. They felt that this is very important when applying for university and for the future when trying to gain employment. However, they felt that the logo was very uninspiring and there was a lot of confusion over what ‘millennium’ actually meant. They thought that it was a word that was regal or ‘lavish’; when the true meaning was explained they were surprised, especially as some weren’t even born before the millennium – showing the age of the scheme! The Volunteering Wales brand was the least recognisable amongst young people; 8 out of 33 young people recognised this brand. One young person talked about a positive experience when using the website: We looked at it when I went to the local CVC in Swansea. I ended up coming to EYST on placement through this. I signpost young people to it because it’s the main resource for volunteering … there’s no difference between young people and adults - its all the same. Despite being the least recognisable brand amongst young people it was a favourite out of the three brands – with a little tweaking. One young person who had not previously volunteered talked about how he liked the logo as it signified diversity and that everyone can be included from the three figures. Another young person said: The logo is not that attractive, its something I would miss on reading. Maybe have initials of what this thing really is… it has that notion of being long ‘volunteering wales’ the logo is not that attractive. It would not stand out if it was with another bunch of brands … I wouldn’t bother with it much personally. However, he also summed up his ideal way of accessing volunteering as the volunteering wales website as it is a simple and structured way for young people to find out about volunteering opportunities in their areas. Many felt that it was a brand that ‘included everyone’ and did what it said on the tin, making it the simplest and easiest place for young people to access volunteering. However, they did feel that the visual presentation of Volunteering Wales didn’t appeal to young people and that it needs improvement. When looking towards recommendations of how to improve current volunteering brands, young people began to share their views of what websites they currently use and how this could be used as a good base when thinking about what could work. When asked about what websites they use many young people shared their examples as their local CVC and WCVA to find volunteering opportunities. More generally young people stated their favourite websites to use were Facebook and Snapchat as they are simple, colourful, to the point and user friendly. The young people felt that this approach needed to be used when designing brands for young people – particularly those that had not engaged with volunteering before. As most of the young people wanted to see changes in the way that youth volunteering is advertised and accessed, the debate developed over whether young people should access separate websites and brands to learn more about available volunteering opportunities. Opinion was majorly split when it came to this question. Most of the young people expressed how access to volunteering opportunities should be equal regardless of age: I think it’s great to have Young People’s and adults volunteering opportunities in one place, many opportunities are suitable for both, and we’re already separate enough as it is! One 29

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