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Phase 1 Report


Young people would like

Young people would like more emphasis on the benefits and difference volunteering can make, increasing the information available about opportunities and potential impact they could have. Enhanced user experiences, able to log hours, share experiences and better connect with organisations offering opportunities The most important factors to consider moving forwards are: Is the website easy to use? This is important not only for young people but for all potential users Is the brand clear? Is the brand positive and conveying the right meaning? Does the platform(s) allow for easy sharing on social media? Can a young person easily find a relevant opportunity based on their age and interests? GwirVol Although considered to have the most eye-catching youth friendly logo, the purpose of the GwirVol brand is not clearly understood for what it represents. It is necessary to differentiate between the logo and brand in this instance. The core offer at the heart of GwirVol seems to be confused. The brand states that it is led by the views of young people, however, the mechanism behind this is not clear, or what the views of the young people are informing. There are also examples of where the brand can be negatively associated with bureaucracy, such as: Some examples and explanations as to what is considered to be volunteering are clearly off putting and may be seen as unintentionally humorous. We would recommend that these negative associations be removed from the brand as soon as possible. To access volunteering opportunities, users are directed to the Volunteering Wales search engine which raises the question as to why GwirVol needs to be a separate website or whether it would be better placed as a youth section of a main volunteering website for Wales. Although our consultation findings were inconclusive on this subject, young people expressed the need for clear, concise and accessible information about volunteering opportunities. Millennium Volunteers Millennium Volunteers is tied closely to the GwirVol brand but it is not clear why it exists as a separate brand. The logo and the name have little relevance to young people, although recognised for volunteering hours it was considered to the least attractive, dated and not suitable for young people. Whilst many young people saw the name as appealing many at consultation events were actually unsure what the term 'Millennium' meant. If brands are being re-considered we would recommend that the functionality of the brand is rolled into another. Volunteering Wales Volunteering Wales is easily identifiable and well placed with search engine results, which goes some way to show the utility of the platform and widespread use. The most positive response to Volunteering Wales came from young people who had used the platform. Whilst the logo is not young person friendly and seems somewhat generic, of the three it was considered in some way to represent diversity and demonstrates how volunteering can bring people together. The name has widespread recognition, crucially the positive aspect of the brand lies within its function. Our 32

findings would suggest that some slight changes to the existing logo would be sufficient in increasing the brands appeal logo to young people. In the instance of Volunteering Wales, functionality lies at the centre of the brand, also providing the search engine for information about volunteering opportunities through the GwirVol website. In summary, the most efficient solution would be to have one volunteering website for everyone in Wales where young people can easily access information and opportunities that are meant only for them, as opposed to a separate youth volunteering website. The Volunteering Wales could be adapted for a better user experience with functionality geared more effectively for young people. The website does need refinement with regards to the search engine for opportunities, some district postcode searches carried out within a 10 miles radius don’t produce any results, yet a central postcode within those 10 miles will display hundreds of results. Opportunities need to be clearly identified for the age they are suitable for and these options need to be prominent within the main search function and not only through the advanced search option. Whilst information about GwirVol is available through the young volunteers section of the Volunteering Wales website, the GwirVol platform itself could be incorporated or included as its own section to be more accessible if considering a combination of the two. Throughout our consultation it was identified by young people that consideration should be given to greater emphasis on the benefits of volunteering in key promotional messages. Key promotional messages could make better use of social media to provide a cost effective means of engagement and promotion. There is also some consideration to be given as to how users might interact with each other, share their experiences of volunteering or enhance their volunteering experience by being able to log their hours and track their progress. 33

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