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Phase 1 Report


Appendices Appendix I:

Appendices Appendix I: Please describe your volunteering activity (What did you do? Where?) – Full Response Response - I travelled to the Children's Eco Village in Tanzania to do work there and also spent several months fundraising for this in supermarkets, shops, schools, churches etc Air cadets An academy, I work with younger children Assistant Scout Leader - Scouts Cymru Drop in Assistant - MIND Cymru Supervisor - Duke of Edinburgh Award British Red Cross Penarth and Barry shops: I did steaming, putting out clothes etc. Caerphilly Schools - Arts and Crafts Volunteer Glyn Gaer Primary - After School Clubs Charity event helping out Club Chairman and Treasurer YFC Club Coffee morning in comprehensive Cwrt Herbert in neath with gymnastics Communities 1st - Cwmafan Play bus - Cimla Children's Rights Unit - Neath Children's Legal Centre- Swansea Uni Content writer for 4 different media companies. Voluntary radio presenter Drop in centre supervision Duke of Edinburgh Nant conwy rugby club Following my college placement at Dr.M'z in carmarthen I became a young volunteer at the centre. As an older member I would support staff whilst also being young enough to interact with the young people. Football coaching Gol football centre 34

Help prepare a youth centre in tairgwaith Help run local Youth club at Llwynpia. Help young people with EYST Helped at a museum. Helped organize and help out with the girls drop in on Fridays in Eyst center Helped out in a public event Helped primary kids get settled at the youth club Helping out in the girls drop in center in eyst Helping the Urdd in Newport. Helping the young people with EYST Hijinx Theatre (Stage Management), Everyman Theatre (Stage Management), Other Room Theatre (Technical Stage Management), Chapter Theatre/3Crate (Stage Management), Creative Industries (Stage Management and Stage Design), Butetown Carnival (Stewarding), C3SC (Various), Stroke (Various), Cancer Research (Various), RNIB (Various). Hospital - Speaking to people on the wards, Young leaders - Helping people who were taking part in digital sessions in a care home. I am a young leader volunteering at 1st rafik isaf brownies. I have also through the air training corps participated in work with garden development I am as a support assistant and to Drop In at Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST) I also work at Buddies with children in special need I did volunteering job in friendship house which is helping children that they've got mental health issues. I have been a volunteer for The Princes Trust engaging with 16-25 yr olds that lived in deprived areas to boost their confidence and to support them for employment when ready. I thouroghly enjoyed as I have been in similar if not the same situations as some of the young people. So I could relate with/to them. I am also volunteering at the moment for my local commitee we have £1million to spend on activities and events to unite the community as 1. To inspire others to get their voices heard. I am recently working with some top councillors to try and persuade them not to close our family centres as that where all our resources stem from. I have been tutored in maths, English, Arabic and science. At EYST. I am a tutor in science. 35

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