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Phase 1 Report


i am working as

i am working as interpreter some times by translating the people and translate for them , also i am helping and working in drop in with young girls by doing lot of activities ,and i work on the reception ;arrange for people appointment ,answer phone ...etc i went to sri lanka for 3 weeks to teach english to children aged 3-12 years old. volunteer for the young carers project youth work. YMCA Swansea zacs homeless helped with soup kitchen and general chatting Appendix II: How would you rate your experience of volunteering? Full response Response 5 5 great environment and staff members were really friendly. All members were very welcoming and the volunteering proved to be worthwhile Allowed me to gain experience in the industry Amazing experience for me to do volunteering beacuSe I like to help people Because I found it very interesting and had gained first hand experience Because I get a lot out of it and like to support Dr.M'z, helps me with my disabilities and makes me confident. Because I got to meet people from different cultures and learnt new things each day and the staff was very nice towards me as well. Because I learned many new things like for examples how to be active and helpful in our community. Because I worked hard and in the same I have developed skills such as time management, solving problems and communication. Because im i think im OK with it i don't know what other people thinks Because it gives me an opportunity to communicate and work with others Because it let me help people and let me give more back to the community than I'd be able to with out also 42

I met amazing people doing it Because it was my first time Because it's fun and it helps make me more confident Because this experience hepled me to gain experience confidentiality. Chance to socialise with friends through Welsh and fun activities. Chance to work with young people. Chance to represent young people and help get their voices heard. Depends on the setting and how supportive it is. Also I didn't realise I was volunteering for a good while as I thought I was just Helping but it was more meaningful thaN that Dr.M'z is great, it has given me so much experience in the field of youth work that I can carry on through my career. Enabled me to get work in the industry. Everyone is so nice and you gain a lot of independence Everyone was very nice and I will continue to volunteer as it's worth the experience and it makes me feel good. Excellent supervisor and supportive staff, great training, increased my confidence a lot, listened to what I wanted out of the experience and made the most of my skills. Facility was good, children was well behaved and I enjoyed tutoring the children Friendly staff and fellow volunteers, approachable, flexible volunteering hours Gaining different skills, learning from others, and sharing my exoeriences with others again get peoples vouces heard Gaining or expanding on your skills without the pressure of a paid job and boss looking over your shoulder while knowing your help a good project. Good way to make friends and build in confidence as well as making a difference in your local community. Also helps you learn life skills which can help you later on in life Great experience and learnt a lot Gret experience Had a great time and met new people 43

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