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Phase 1 Report


Helped increase my

Helped increase my confidence and I gained lots of new skills I always have a fun time there and helping the brownies is very rewarding I believe that in this world of consumerism and materialistic values rising we need volunteering and giving back to the community as the means of staying truly human and alive. Volunteering reminds me how grateful I am to live in such a beautiful world surrounded by beautiful and enthusiastic people. I developed my communication skils. I enjoy being a volunteer as it makes feel happy and good I enjoy interacting with the community and helping out the students feels rewarding. I enjoy my time volunteering for the Red Cross; I learn new things, meet people and make friends I enjoy my time volunteering there I enjoy working with kids I enjoyed seeing individuals coming out as a more confident person. I enjoyed the actual work and like my colleagues. However, I didn't feel very needed or even wanted, especially at the start. People were not so keen on me accompanying them to appointments with patients so I ended up doing research instead. I enjoyed volenterring in brownies very much as I had learnt many new skills through my experience. I also rate my experience in the Arabic school ( not for Welsh bacc) a 5 as I had a lot of fun as well as developing many skills. I enjoyed working with the Urdd staff. I enjoyed working with the children who were multiple ages. I felt as I done the best as I could and come out with good results as the children really enjoyed what I put on for them and had good feedback from the head teacher I found the experience of fundraising quite difficult but also feel I learned a lot from it I gain my confidence got new skills to learn chance to Inlove with community and make new friends. I gained lots of experience that will help me layer in life, but I was not given as much responsibility as I would have liked at times I get the opportunity to meet other people and learn skills myself. It has really helped my confidence. They also offer good training 44

I got to support others to achieve something I had a chance to win the bronze and gold Duke of Edinburgh. I learnt how to fly, how to lead, how to prepare lessons, how to teach lessons, how to work on my personnal traits and improve myself in interviews. I also learnt first aid, arranged events, wrote for a newsletter and raised money for the British Royal Legion and Maerie Curie. I have been lucky enough to work with friendly, hard working and passionate people. I think this is mainly attributed to the fact that the organisations/people were all so passionate about their roles and the message/cause they were trying to promote. I would also say that volunteer training and standards of duty of care in the arts and third sector industries in Wales are exceptionally high... I have come in contact with some great people and had a sense of achievement I have developed new skills ,improved my confidence and made new friends I have extremely close relationships with all of my colleagues who are always friendly and never fail to smile - something that makes them a pleasure to be around! I have met some amazing young people who share my interest in the arts and I developed career skills beyond what we learn in school. I have very close relationships with my colleagues who are always friendly. Also, they never fail to smile which makes them a pleasure to be around! I improve myself and my skills everyday and I enjoyed it ! I learned new skills. I learned some very useful skills but found that some of the staff were not very welcoming. I learnt a lot and was able to give a lot back to cubs I like working with children in general I love helping others and it was great experience, also learning new things about saving people's lives I love it!! I met new people and it made me feel as though I am giving back to the community. I met new people, experienced new obstacles in a working environment and learnt new skills. I really enjoy learning and teaching others. The people are really nice too. I tried helping to the best of my abilities and it helped me gain skills 45

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