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Phase 1 Report


I was often doing the

I was often doing the same thing every time, which was a bit boring, but I enjoyed making friends and learning new skills. It allowed me to gain valuable experience that I used to help me obtain a place at university. It allowed me to up-skill myself and find my purpose It felt good to raise money for good cause It gave me a chance to develop on my weaker skills and also make new friends It gave me a chance to meet new people and make new friends as well as a chance to forget about work related stress It gave me an understanding and improved on new skills that will serve me well in the Outdoor Sector It gave me new skills and knowledge of charities. It also boosted my confidence. It helped me to develop my skills It is great to help out and run activities with the young people. It is my first time volunteering and it is the first time that I am being a translator for arabic speakers. As I am new to this it can be uncomfortable. It was amazing for the experience It was an amazing opportunity to give back to the centre that had given me such unique experiences. It was fun but quite hard to get everything done It was good to get an insight into how a charity shop works and where the donations go. I also felt like I was giving back to the community. It was pretty good fam It would rate 5 because I always been on time and never been late for the activities and I have done all the things thats been asked for me to do. It's really fun and knowing you have helped others is even better. I think it's important that people get involved in as much as they can to build confidence and experience. Its a great way to help the community, get to know people of different ages, grow and develop, gain confidence and skills which cannot be taught Learned skills that you never learn in formal education. Gave me experience that was useful when applying to university. Opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in the third and voluntary sectors. 46

Lovely team to work with, listened to what I wanted to gain from the experience & made the most of my skills, great training & built my confidence a lot. Meeting new people Sense of having achieved something. Supporting and giving to the community. Supportive and helped me develop. Taught me new skills that i sall keep for the future- hopefully passing on to other people Tester The dedication to volunteers and respect show was brilliant The people I helped and volunteered for were very kind and the experience helped me develope many skills such as communication. The reason I really enjoyed volunteering is that it was very interesting in working with a diverse group and also knowing things that you wouldn't really know. It was really fun when we held the exhibition and also editing the filming we worked on. The school could have been more thankful for the work. The school is lovely, nice children and staff. Useful experience for next career move. Vauluble skills that you do not learn in school Volinteering saved my life. Saved me from turning to drugs and alcohol Volunteering is a great way to get out, do something and help other people. It's fun and different, you're not discriminated by age or appearance like you are in work. I've been given volunteer opportunities that i wouldn't get in work because of experiance. Volunteering is both enjoyable and rewarding When I was teaching young children French. The activity was successful, more confidence was needed. i was able to give something back it's fun and I like to help out and make the community better it's fun community, everyone is respectful and kind and the staff are really nice and helpful towards others 47

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