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Phase 1 Report


its nice , it helps me

its nice , it helps me to know more about lot of thing ,how to act in some situations,improve my english...etc loved it got more out than you put in you grow your life feels more fulfilled since joining I haven't been bored, given me things to do and helped me make lots of friends and I gained more confidence was a life experience that not many people get the opportunity to have. taught me to be greatful for everything i have! Appendix III: ‘What do you think are the best ways for young people to get involved in volunteering?’ Full response Response Activities and community engagement. Social network and food Advertise it more in schools Advertise opportunities via Social media, through schools Advertise volunteer placements similarly to how jobs are advertised e.g. role description, where it will be based. These should be advertised in places where young people regularly attend such as school and youth clubs. Advertise within the city, visit youth clubs, schools and uni's Advising it on social media and seeing what the impact will Result in making it more enjoyable than having s reward out of it. An agreement with job centre that if they did so.many hours of volunteering instead of job searching Ask a member of the public or a youth worker ? Ask around clubs etc to try and make a difference to people and things they enjoy Ask in school or go into businesses asking if they are accepting volunteers Because like me(young) I gained experience and become confident Being given information on unique opportunities, and volunteering that can help further a career. By explaining what they can gain from that experience and how can they help in their community 48

By helping friends out By phone/email Face to face By workshops provides by the youth team. Trips to volunteer centres. Explaination about why people do it. Show how fun it is. Celebrating achievement. Charity shops or youth groups Children's classes or youth clubs Describe the experiences that you can have. Display posters about DofE Duke of Edinburgh Welsh bac Educate them about it Encouragement and informing them how it is benificial to them and others. Experience, socialise and gather as one group also as family Explain how volunteering can help and how it can go on your cv and explain the skills and learn about situations Farts one is to help young people Figure out what their skills and interests are & see what bests fits Get involved in local groups in school or in the local community Get involved through their school/university and encouraged through experience available to gain. Get stuck in! Find somewhere that has lots of opportunities like Dr.M'z. Give them a bribe. Give them chance to choose what they want. Give them rewards and get their group to do it together Going to their school teachers and asking around about where to volunteer and they can help you 49