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Phase 1 Report


Methodology In order to

Methodology In order to find out about young people’s views on existing volunteering branding and websites, an online survey was created and widely disseminated via email, Twitter and Facebook by EYST, CWVYS and ProMo-Cymru links across Wales. The survey was made available in English and in Welsh and was open for nearly 3 weeks during November 2016. Following discussions with WCVA, the opportunity was also taken to ask young people broader questions about their experience of, access to and motivations for volunteering, to provide important context as well as a warm up before asking more specific questions on volunteering branding. To view the survey in English and Welsh: As well as the survey, four focus group interviews were also held to provide more qualitative responses to the questions about their experience, motivations, and access to volunteering, and their views on volunteering branding. We sought to hold these focus groups in geographically and socially disparate areas, and invited interested groups via the Youth Volunteer Advisors (YVAs) meeting held in early November 2016. Four focus groups were eventually held in Wrexham (YVA group), Cardiff (Butetown Youth Pavillion), and Swansea (Ethnic Youth Support Team and Mixtup), including ethnically diverse groups, disabled young people, and young people who were very engaged in and not very engaged in volunteering. This report seeks to summarise the key findings of both the online surveys and focus group consultations, and to make recommendations based on these for the future branding of youth volunteering in Wales. 4

Online Survey Findings Survey Respondents There were 188 responses to the online survey, of which 133 were complete responses. Respondents were ethnically diverse with 66 % of respondents self-identifying as White Welsh or White British, and 34% self-identifying another category including Bangladeshi (10%), Arab (7%), Asian Other (4%) and African (3%). Around two thirds of respondents were female and one third male. Respondents were evenly distributed age-wise between 14 and 25 Respondents lived in 17 different local authorities in Wales, with 40% from Swansea and 10% from Cardiff. Ethnicity: All Others 5% Asian other 4% Other: 7% Mixed other 3% African 3% Bangladeshi 10% White British 48% White other 4% White Welsh 16% 5

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