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Phase 1 Report


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get into the volunteering process. And parents. Good. Google volunteering and see what comes up Help them to understand the benefits Helping other people, and showing them what can you do as a volunteer Helping out with something they enjoy I feel that most people try to get volunteering jobs to look better on their CV, so the benefits from doing volunteering for a particular organization should be shown clearly to attract more people, what are other things that they will gain after volunteering I think that young people are most likely to look for and access volunteering opportunities online. I think that young people have to want to do it and through good websites they can be matched to what they want to help with. Also, through friends and youth centres is a good way to get into it. I think the best ways for young people to become involved with volunteering is for them to recognise an issue for themselves, either locally or elsewhere, so that they volunteer for something that actually means something to them; something they can engage with. If a young person want's to get involved in volunteering, it's easiest to start in school first by speaking to teachers and taking up any volunteer jobs their. Eventually, you can start looking online or asking people you meet at other jobs if they know of anything else you can volunteer for. Inspiring them and make them more interested and involved with the community. Invite for meeting Local organisations Through school as compulsory part of the curriculum Make sure it is something they care about and so would want to volunteer. Making it possible for them to do something they are interested in. If like like kids they can volunteer to work with kids. Etc More advertising, confidence building More promotion through social media and more local connections someone young people to actually talk to rather than over email or phone as it is less sometimes easier Motivation 50

Netflix and chill Opportunities in youth centres in schools things for everyone to see. Opportunities through school and career advisors to assist for the future. People should be given the opportunity to share best practise with recruiting young people to volunteer, for example motorsport is an old person's game i'm sure most clubs would attend a meeting if there wa a promise of resources and advice to get young people involved A national register of volunteer opportunities would also be good, but it must be nationally recognised. Onv volunteering brand for youth volunteering in Wales would be the best (incorporating MV) School making you Schools Collages Youth centre Cinemas Town (shops) Fast food place Schools and colleges should promote volunteering by giving direct contacts or having partnerships with volunteer projects to make it as aceesible as possible. Make it interesting for people since giving up the time they could otherwise be spending at home needs to be well spent. Schools, colleges, universities. Showing young people the benefits of volunteering to get a job or get into university Social media Someone telling about opportunities. And knowing someone is there to support them Something that does take much time and has a visible impact. Sponsored events such a bike rides or marathons Sports coaching, after school clubs-arts and crafts Spreading the word, telling people how much I enjoy it. Take part in the DofE or join a local youth club Talk to them about it( Go into schools for assemblies,job fairs etc) offer taster day Talk to them about volunteering, so it's accessible, and they're informed about it. And how important it is to have volunteer experience in regards to jobs etc Talking to local organisations Teach him about volunteering 51

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