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Phase 1 Report


Tell them about the

Tell them about the experience they can have and the advantages of doing so. Tell them about the people that might need you and tell them about the positive The best way for young people to get involved in volunteering is to tell them the advantages of volunteering and another way it's to do different activities. The best way is to ask friends about volunteering. It is also good to go to the organisation that you want to volunteer at and ask about their opportunities. The best way is to volunteer for something they have or could have a passion for The best ways to get involved in volunteering are through your school/college/university, as well ass the youth centers. They should volunteer for anything that they feel inspired about. Through a platform that gives them a chance to develop their skills and hobbies. Through going along with friends who can tell them a bit more about it and go along with them so it doesn't feel so daunting. A representative from the organisation going into schools or community centres to talk about opportunities. Failing that online. Through leaflets and talking with someone because sometimes many people want to talk about volenterring to someone who knows a lot about it rather than getting given out letters which they just might forgot and throw away. Through posters, school assemblies, social media. Through school Through school Through school Through school or promoting in social media Through school, youth clubs and local youth programs. Through youth centres or young farmers. through colleges and schools. To gain confidence, have a better self image about them self have they had positive feedback from whoever they are volunteering for and to gain better career choices To get out of trouble. 52

To get some sort of reward out of it To go to local youth group and ask there about how to get involved in helping out. To put it in their faces, often people will see a flyer or an email and think of volunteering but then then forget about it. To talk to a youth volunteering worker To talk to a youth leader To look online Try and tell them all the positive things about the volunteering so they do come and join the community's Using their local youth provision Visiting youth clubs and local charities. Working in a charity shop is great because it is flexible and low pressure Workshops in schools showing the benefits and more information about the different types of volunteering in schools Young people need to be made aware of all the different opportunities available to them in their local area Youth organisations e.g girl guides, scouts, air cadets etc. coming along to youth centres, knowing about centres to join in going into schools to talk about it letting people know, friends with the community, activities that are used to help you with school etc. making friends, people already volunteering are friendly, wanting to learn new things about the community pick something they care about provide transport. Accredited outcome. (Not just free labour. put adverts and share more about what is the volunteering for example in social media because now these days all the young are using social media tell them of opportunities, provide information, give open days, show them others, invite them along 53

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