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Phase 1 Report


Age of Respondents: 22 -

Age of Respondents: 22 - 25 26% 14 - 15 16% 18 - 21 25% 16 -17 33% Gender: Transgender 0% Gender Flexible 1% Prefer not to say 1% Male 28% Female 70% 6

Where do you live? Caerphilly 5% All Others 19% Cardiff 10% Vale of Glamorgan 4% Carmarthenshire 9% Gwynedd 6% Rhondda Cynon Taff 7% Swansea 40% Experience of Volunteering Most respondents (79%) did have experience of volunteering. For the majority (80%) this was not done as part of a Welsh Baccalaureate. The type of volunteering experience cited by respondents varied greatly and included: (for full responses to this question see Appendix I) I travelled to the Children's Eco Village in Tanzania to do work there and also spent several months fundraising for this in supermarkets, shops, schools, churches etc Assistant Scout Leader - Scouts Cymru Drop in Assistant - MIND Cymru Supervisor - Duke of Edinburgh Award Following my college placement at Dr.M'z in Carmarthen I became a young volunteer at the centre. As an older member I would support staff whilst also being young enough to interact with the young people. I am as a support assistant and to Drop In at Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST) I also work at Buddies with children in special need 7

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