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META 2017



META 2017 Day 10 Monday 20/2/17 3:00 pm Book Cover Design Aloysius Hall 4:00 pm The Prof. Barbra Naidu Memorial Prize Ceremony Banyan Tree 4:30 pm Republic of Tolerance Banyan Tree 5 pm Panel: Dalits in Film Banyan Tree Arul Mani, Ashley Tellis, SV Srinivas 5:45 pm Shakespeare in Song Banyan Tree 6:15 pm Who shall I say is Calling? Prof. Etienne Rassendren Staff Seminar Hall 6:45 pm Found Book Prof. Cheriyan Alexander Staff Seminar Hall

META 2017 Day 11 Tuesday 21/2/17 3:00 pm Bollygood Loyola Hall 4:00 pm Republic of Tolerance Banyan Tree 4:30 pm Who Shall I say is Calling? Arul Mani Staff Seminar Hall 5 pm Found Book Prof. Mini Mark Bonjour Staff Seminar Hall 5:30 pm Republic of Tolerance Banyan Tree

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