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META 2017



META 2017 Day 6 Wednesday 15/2/17 3:00 pm Blue Pencil: Headliners Loyola Hall Blue Pencil: Photo Essay Submission Registration Desk 4:00 pm YouTube Soap-Box Staff Seminar Hall 4:30 pm Double Action Prof. Archita Murthy Staff Seminar Hall 5:00 pm Maathu-Kathe Prateek Mukund will read from his work Staff Seminar Hall 5:30 pm Republic of Tolerance Fr. Ambrose Pinto Banyan Tree 6:00 pm Who Shall I say is Calling? Prof. Ashley Tellis Staff Seminar Hall 6:30 pm Shakespeare in Song Banyan Tree

META 2017 Day 7 Thursday 16/2/17 3:30 pm Blue Pencil: AnchorWhat Staff Seminar Hall 4:15 pm JAM Banyan Tree 4:30 pm Blue Pencil: PseudoPoda Audi Block 5:15 pm Blue Pencil Prize Distribution Ceremony Banyan Tree 5:30 pm Double Action Prof. Teena Staff Seminar Hall 6:00 pm Found Book Prof. Vijeta Staff Seminar Hall 6:30 pm Who Shall I Say is calling? Prof. Arul Mani Staff Seminar Hall

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