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The Call of the Messiah 2

What we can learn from Maryam? 3

By Iain Dixon

A Good News for Muslim Brethren 5

By Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali

Strength in Faith 7

By Danyaal Saqib

What’s special about Arabic?

By Annika Schauer 9

Genesis of a poem 10

By Kalamazad Ismael

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I Shall Love All Mankind.

February 2017 The

Light 2

The Call of the Messiah


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam


The Promised Messiah and


Always remember, therefore, that you cannot

come out of the darkness without firm conviction,

nor can you receive the Holy Spirit without

it. Blessed are they who have this faith and

blessed are they who have been delivered from

uncertainties and doubts, for they alone will be

delivered of sin. Blessed will you be when this

great treasure of unshakeable faith is given to

you, since on that day sin for you will come to

an end.

Deliverance from sin

lies in perfect conviction

O you who seek the Lord, open your ears

and listen. Remember that it is only perfect faith

which can deliver you from sin. Faith gives you

the power to do good, and faith alone can turn

you into a lover of God. Can you turn away from

evil without perfect conviction? Can you hold

your base impulses in check without the help of

an indisputable truth? Can anyone bring about

any real change in himself without this perfect

conviction? Can you achieve some state of fulfilment

and peace of mind without such perfect

certainty? Can you ever gain any real prosperity

without it? Is there any penance in the whole

world which can give you the power to avoid

sin? A power which humans stand in need of, so

much. Can the supposed blood of Jesus, son of

Mary, deliver

you cannot come out of you from sin?

the darkness without O Christians,

firm conviction, nor can stop stating

you receive the Holy

such monstrous

a falsehood

that will

Spirit without it.

shatter this

earth into pieces. Jesus himself had to depend

on perfect faith to obtain deliverance. He believed

with total conviction and was delivered.

Woe, indeed, on those Christians who mislead

the world by saying they have been delivered by

the blood of Jesus Christ even when they are immersed

in evil, from head to foot. They do not

even know who is their God. Their life is one of

indulgence and ease. Intoxicated by wine, they

remain unaware of the life with God, and for

them there is no share in the fruits of life that is

lived in purity.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

Sin and faith cannot exist together. Will you

ever knowingly put your hand into a hole when

you can see for yourself that it is occupied by a

poisonous snake? Or will you remain standing

where a shower of red-hot stones is coming

down from some belching volcano? Or will you

stand at a place where a thunderbolt is about to

strike from above, or where a ferocious lion is

likely to attack at any moment? Or will you live

in a place where a dangerous plague is destroying


So, if you believe in Allah with the same

firmness of conviction as you believe in the danger

from a snake, or a thunderbolt, or a lion, or

from the plague, it is not possible for you to defy

Him by disobedience and so incur punishment

thereby, or for you to wish to break the bond of

sincerity and loyalty which binds you to Him.

O you people who have been called to righteousness

and truth, rest fully assured that Divine

attraction will take its birth in you and you

will be washed clean of the ugly stain of sin only

when your hearts become filled with firm conviction.

Perhaps you will say that you have this

conviction, but you should take care to remember

that this feeling is not more than a delusion

on your part. That firm conviction is most certainly

not yet yours for you do not fulfil the conditions

which necessarily must attend it always.

You have not yet given up your sinful ways. You

have not yet taken the first step which you

ought to have taken the moment this firm conviction

became yours. You do not yet fear sin as

you should. You can very well solve the question

in your own mind.

A man never puts

his hand into a

hole which he

knows is occupied

by a poisonous

snake, nor does he ever knowingly partake of a

February 2017 The

Light 3

food he has reason to believe has been poisoned.

Nor will he thoughtlessly walk into a

clump of trees which harbours a lion. Then how

can your hands and feet, your eyes and ears,

dare to sin when you have the same degree of

certainty regarding the punishment and reward

from Allah concerning your conduct in life?

How in the name of reason can you throw yourself

into a fire which you know will burn you to

ashes? And always remember that the defensive

ramparts built by firm conviction against sin are

veritably as high as the heavens so that Satan

Faith enables a

man to see Allah.

built them up.

cannot scale

them to get to

you, once you

have properly

Everyone who is purified is purified

through firmness of faith. It is faith which gives

you the strength to bear hardships, even to the

extent of persuading a king to abdicate his royal

throne and choose the life of a vagrant. Faith

dissolves all difficulties. Faith enables a man to

see Allah. All ideas of any atoning sacrifice are

false, for every kind of purity comes only from

firm conviction. The only thing which delivers a

man from sin and advances him in sincerity and

steadfastness far ahead of the angels themselves

is faith and faith alone. All religions which

fail to create this firmness of conviction are

false. All religions which fail to show God by

means beyond any shadow of a doubt are false.

And false also are all those religions which contain

nothing more than a handful of tales and fables

about what happened in the past.


What We Can Learn from


Iain Dixon

Talk delivered at UK

Lahore Ahmadiyya Centre,

4th December 16

Assalamu alaikum!

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. Again,

it is a privilege as a follower of the Lord Jesus to

be speaking to you today. I want us to look at

I Shall Love All Mankind.

A thermometer is affected by the

temperature around it, but a thermostat

is designed to set and

change the temperature around it.

what I have learnt about Maryam in the Honoured

Quran, and how we can apply these lessons

practically in our lives. I will also be briefly

commenting on relevant passages in my Holy

Scriptures, The Bible. I am using the English

translation of the Honoured Quran by Abdullah

Yusaf Ali for my thoughts. I apologise if my comments

do not reflect the exact meaning of the

Arabic text. I remember having a cup of tea with

a Christian teacher who announced to me that

she had great respect for Muslims. She told me

there was a whole chapter in the Quran called

‘Maryam’. I have taken the time to read this

chapter, and in it we read the story of the miraculous

virgin birth of

the Messiah, Jesus the

Christ. Many view the

religion of Islam as

'anti Bible', but in the

Quran, we read many

precious truths,

reflections of what is

already proclaimed in

the Bible. I have had

people ask me if the

Quran is a book of

hate, or is it a book of

peace? I respond by

Let us learn

from the life

of Maryam,

that no situation

we face

is impossible

for Allah to


personally buying them a copy of the Quran in a

language they understand, and asking them to

read it for themselves. My motto is ‘Don't burn

the Quran, . . .Read the Quran!’

So, what can we learn from the life of Maryam?

Before I comment from Surah Maryam, let

us look at a few verses from Surah 3. In verse 42

we read: “O Mary, Allah has chosen you and

purified you.” Wow! Allah chose Maryam for a

specific task!

Have you ever been in a plane descending

towards the airport runway, and as you come

through the clouds you begin to see roads and

buildings. Then as you descend further, you see

people walking around! This to me is a wonderful

heavenly view of Allah’s eyes watching over

February 2017 The

Light 4

us, noticing people, not just a crowd, but individuals.

And just as he noticed Maryam, and chose

her for a specific purpose. Have you considered

that Allah has chosen you for a specific task?

Maryam was chosen to bring a prophet into the

world. Just as a candle brings light into a darkened

room, so Jesus was born to bring light into

a darkened world. I think that is why Jesus describes

himself in John 8:12 as “The light of the


But what task has Allah chosen you for? Is it

to be a good influence around you, in your Jamaat,

in your family, in your school, college or

work place? Do you know the difference between

a thermometer and a thermostat? A thermometer

is affected by the temperature around

it, but a thermostat is designed to set and

change the temperature around it. Allah calls

each one of you to be a thermostat, affecting the

life and environment around you today. Set an

example to those around you in speech and conduct.

Contaminate the world around you with


In the Quran 3:47 we learn another lesson.

Maryam cannot believe it is possible that she

could have a son when she has not had marital

relations with anyone. The angel tells her: “Even

so, Allah creates what He wills. When he has decreed

a plan, He but says to it ‘Be’, and it is!”

We see the angel Gabriel having a similar

conversation in the Holy Bible. In Luke 1: 31-37,

we read: “And behold, you shall conceive in your

womb and bring forth a son, and shall call his

name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called

the Son of the Highest . . . Then Mary said: ‘How

Shall this be, seeing that I know not a man?’ The

angel Gabriel responds: ‘The power of the Highest

will over shadow you, the holy thing which

shall be born of you shall be called the Son of

God . . . for with God nothing shall be impossible’.”

help, and has rescued me from impossible situations

and circumstances. There is a God in

heaven who hears, knows, and understands.

Call to him. He shall answer. Allah just says “Be,”

and it is!

In Surah Maryam, there are many lessons

for us. Let us read together verses 19-30. Did

you notice verse 25? It reads: “And shake toward

yourself the trunk of the palm tree, it will

let fall fresh dates upon you." We learn from this,

that although Allah is the great provider, we are

also asked to do our part in obtaining his blessings.

Maryam did not just sit under a tree waiting

for Allah to provide food. She had to actively

shake the tree to benefit! Our faith should be an

active faith. Trust — and do! Don’t just pray for

a job, go down to the job centre too! Do not just

pray to overcome temptation, unplug the TV or

the computer if that is what is making you stumble.

Let us learn to shake the date tree, not just

to believe in it, or to admire it.

In verse 29 we read: “And (Maryam)

pointed to the babe.” Maryam deflected the attention

from herself. Instead, she pointed others

to Jesus as the mouthpiece of truth. We need

to stop talking about ourselves, and learn instead

to point others to the source of truth. In

verse 30 Jesus announces that he is a prophet

from Allah. Very interestingly I have had Muslims

tell me that Jesus is never called a prophet

in the Bible. This is simply not true! For example,

Matthew 21:11: “And the multitude said:

This is Jesus, the prophet”; Luke 24:19: “This Jesus,

who was a prophet mighty in word and

Let us learn from the life of Maryam, that no

situation we face is impossible for Allah to handle.

He has power to make planets and stars. He

can, therefore, find solutions to problems we

face! Trust Him! I can testify time and time again

how Allah has responded to my humble cries for

I Shall Love All Mankind.

February 2017 The

Light 5

deed”; John 6:14: “This is of a truth, that

prophet that should come into the world.”

…there are difficulties to be met

Maryam did not enter theological arguments!

She let the prophet do the talking! Let us

not enter arguments with people, but gently

point them to the word of Allah. Just as a key unlocks

a door, so truth is a key that unlocks people’s

hearts. Maryam was not the key but she

pointed them to the one who was the key.

So, let us learn from the life of Maryam. To

me, Maryam is an example of purity, and of one

who shows us practical trust in Allah. She is an

example of humility and obedience. A true Muslim.

She is a lady not just of prayer, but of action.

May each of us search out her footprints, and

follow her footsteps closely. Ameen

From The Light, Lahore, 24 May 1928

A Good News to



by Maulana

Muhammad Ali


(Editors’ note: We reprint

this article, printed

in 1928 C.E. in The Light, to show that Hazrat

Maulana Muhammad did not want his English

translation of the Holy Quran to be translated

into German but rather, he wanted someone to

translate the Holy Quran into German, directly

from Arabic. It also shows the qualifications he

expected the translator to have. It is also worth

noticing that Hazrat Maulana speaks here of

training of missionaries.)

. . .verse of the Holy Quran is almost a

command that the Holy Quran be translated

into all the living languages of the


In 1922, The Ahmadiyya Anjuman-i-Isha‛ati-Islam,

Lahore, established a Muslim Mission at

Berlin, the Capital of Germany. This Mission

holds a position of great importance, as its influence

would reach not only Central Europe

I Shall Love All Mankind.

with in conducting the German Mission

like training Muslim Missionaries

not only in the Islamic lore and

religion but also in mastering the

German language…

but Russia and Eastern Europe as well. Moreover,

Muslims from all over the world are to be

met with in Berlin. Shortly after the establishment

of the Mission, a plot of land was bought

to erect a Mosque and a Mission house there.

Thank God, that both buildings have been recently

completed at an expense 1⅟₄ lacs of rupees

(125,000). In addition to a few tracts about

Islam that have been published in the German

language a quarterly magazine the Moslemische

Revue, is also published in German. Up to this

time, about eighty Germans have been converted

to Islam. The annual budget of the

Mosque, the Mission and the magazine amounts

to between fifteen and twenty thousand rupees.

Now, just as an Islamic Mission is spineless

without a Mosque, similarly it cannot do without

a translation of the Holy Quran in the language

of the country where it is established.

Allah says in the Holy Quran that He sent every

prophet with the language of his own nation as

the vehicle of clear expression of his mission to

them: “And We did not send any apostle but

with the language of his people, so that he might

explain to them clearly” (14:4). Now as the Holy

Quran has been revealed for the benefit of all

nations, its teachings should necessarily be explained

to them so that they may derive full benefit

from them. Therefore, the above-quoted

verse of the Holy Quran is almost a command

that the Holy Quran be translated into all the living

languages of the world. As the propagation

of Islam has already been started in Germany

the next logical step is to translate the Holy

Quran into German. Just as the English translation

of the Holy Quran proved a source of

strength and stability for the Muslim Mission at

Woking, similarly the German translation

February 2017 The

Light 6

For the German translation, it is not only sufficient

for a person to be master both Arabic and

German languages, but he must also be thoroughly

acquainted with the various commentaries

on the Holy Quran; and he should have

studied the Holy Quran so frequently that he

could keep all of its main subjects and underlying

purposes before his eyes, when translating.

would strengthen the hands of the Muslim Mission

in Berlin. Consequently, the Ahmadiyya

Anjuman-i-Isha‛at-i-Islam, Lahore, have decided

to start work for a German translation of

the Holy Quran without any further delay.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

Just as there are difficulties to be met with

in conducting the German Mission like training

Muslim Missionaries not only in the Islamic lore

and religion but also in mastering the German

language, similarly there are peculiar kinds of

difficulties to be faced in preparing a German

translation of the Holy Quran. For the German

translation, it is not only sufficient for a person

to be master both Arabic and German languages,

but he must also be thoroughly acquainted

with the various commentaries on the

Holy Quran; and he should have

studied the Holy Quran so frequently

that he could keep all of

its main subjects and underlying

purposes before his eyes, when

translating. For, to understand

the Quran one must intelligently

study the Quran itself as its parts

always help to explain one another.

In addition to the above

qualifications, the translator

must also be familiar with the

traditions and sayings of the

Holy Prophet and the Islamic

History, as they prove of great help in fully understanding

the Holy Quran. It was rather difficult

to find a person, as a translator, who was

master of Arabic and German languages both.

But, with the grace of Allah, we have been able

to find a German Muslim who is thoroughly conversant

with both the languages. In fact, he has

translated several Arabic books into German.

The lack of his thorough acquaintance with the

Holy Quran and the Hadis Sharif would be removed

and compensated for, by the full cooperation

of Maulana Sadr-ud-Din Sahib

who has become conversant with the German

language after his two years’ stay in


It is planned to invite that learned German

Muslim so that he may come to India

and start the work under the supervision of

Maulana Sadr-ud-Din Sahib. We have got in

touch with him about this matter; and it is

to be hoped that, God willing, the work of the

projected German translation of the Holy Quran

would commence about next October (1928).

Now comes the question of expenses. It is

estimated that it would take at least three years

to finish the translation in a manuscript form;

and it would entail an expense of six or seven

hundred rupees a month, in addition to the initial

expenditure like journey expenses from

Germany to Lahore. The members of the Ahmadiyya

Anjuman-i-Isha‛at-i-Islam, Lahore,

though small in number, have promised, by the

grace of Allah, to bear one-half the regular

monthly expenses; and we are appealing to the

rest of our Muslim brethren to supply the

money for the remaining

one-half. I am sure,

every Muslim knows,

what a good, pious and

fruitful act it is to carry

or help to carry the

Word of Allah to other

people, and in the present

case, we want to

carry the Word of Allah

to a people, who have so

far read about Islam

through smoky glasses

and with a prejudiced

mind. The already existing

German translations of the Holy Quran have

been rendered by non-Muslim persons who, at

the most, knew something about the Arabic language,

but whose hearts were filled with prejudice,

jealousy and enmity towards Islam. All this

concerns a nation whose greatest literary genius

and philosopher, Goethe, has said that the

Holy Quran is a book, which one might start

The already existing German

translations of the Holy

Quran have been rendered by

non-Muslim persons who, at

the most, knew something

about the Arabic language,

but whose hearts were filled

with prejudice, jealousy and

enmity towards Islam.

February 2017 The

Light 7

studying with a heart full of prejudice and enmity,

but, before he gets

through with it, the

thoughts of love and

praise replace everything

else in his heart. If a distorted

translation of the

Holy Quran can so favourably

affect the philosophers

of the German nation,

then why would not a

true and faithful translation

by Muslims themselves

succeed in bringing those people round

to Islam? Therefore, I appeal to my Muslim

brethren to help us in every way they can by giving

generous donations and other monetary

help either in one lump sum or in regular

monthly instalments which should extend over

a period of three years at least. Either way,

please intimate your intention to the Muhasib

(Treasurer), Ahmadiyva Anjuman-i-Isha‛at-i-Islam,

Lahore, Ahmadiyya Buildings, Lahore, India,

as soon as convenient. All payments are to

be made and all money orders should be addressed

to the Muhasib, Ahmadiyya Anjuman-i-

Isha‛at-i-Islam. Lahore, India.

“Allah lays you under an obligation by guiding

you to the faith if you are truthful” (49:17).

“O you who believe! spend benevolently of the

good things that you earn and of what we have

brought forth for you out of the earth” (2:267).

“And what reason have you that you should not

spend in Allah’s way?” (57:10:) — Holy Quran.

Muhammad Ali, President,

Ahmadiyva Anjuman-i-Isha‛at-i-Islam, Lahore,

Ahmadiyya Buildings, Lahore, India.



By Danyaal Saqib

“And hasten towards forgiveness from your

Lord, and a Garden as wide as the heavens and

the earth; it is prepared for those who keep

their duty: Those who spend in ease as well as

in adversity, and those who restrain their anger,

and pardon men. And Allah loves the doers of

good to others” (3:133–134).

Prayer in Islam is a key to submission and

I Shall Love All Mankind.

humility. Even in the earliest revelations to the

Holy Prophet as

much stress was

laid on prayer to

God as on service

to humanity, perhaps

more on the

latter. In fact,

prayer is meaningless

if it is not


with service to

humanity. Elsewhere

in the Quran, it has been regarded an uphill

road: “And have we not pointed out to him

the two conspicuous roads? But he attempts not

the uphill road. And what will make you comprehend

what the uphill road is? It is to free a

slave, or to feed in a day of hunger, an orphan

nearly related, or the poor man lying in the

dust” (90:11-16).

Muslims are required to develop the quality

of humility: “And go not about in the land exultingly…”(17:37);

“And turn not your face away

from people in contempt, nor go about in the

land exultingly. Surely Allah loves not any selfconceited

boaster.” (31:18). Humility, in fact,

should be deeply rooted in a Muslim’s heart because

of the five daily prayers. And along with

humility, selflessness is another great quality

with which Islam arms every Muslim to fight the

battle of life.

The Muslims were, however,

particularly exhorted to be kind

to one another and to help one another.

Believers are frequently

described in the Quran as brethren,

and the quality of being “merciful

among themselves” is expressly

mentioned in the Quran


Good morals and good manners are, according

to the Quan and Hadith, the real test of a person’s

excellence. “The noblest of you in the sight

of Allah is best of you in conduct” (49:13). The

Holy Prophet used to say: “The best of you are

those who have the most excellent morals” (Bukhari,


Unity and brotherhood is a fundamental

February 2017 The

Light 8

concept of Islam. The Muslims were, however,

particularly exhorted to be kind to one another

and to help one another. Believers are frequently

described in the Quran as brethren, and

the quality of being “merciful among themselves”

is expressly mentioned in the Quran


Some of you might have listened to an inspiring

audio on Youtube about doing good with

humility and patience. I would like you to share

its English translation with you. And I quote:

“However, good are your intentions, people

judge you by what you do outwardly and however

good may be your outward actions, Allah

knows you by your intentions. Always try to

compromise because a little humility is better

than breaking relationship forever. If you have

nothing to give, just bring

a little smile on your lips,

this will be the most precious

gift of all. A person

never forgets two faces:

One who supports you

when in difficulty and the

other who forsakes you

when in trouble. Never be angry with a person

who hurts you because it is a law of nature that

a tree whose fruit is very sweet people do throw

stones at it. Relationship grows when people

bear each other patiently. If you start looking for

an unblemished person, you will find yourself

bewildered. Never despise a person who shows

much concern for you, otherwise one day you

will realise that while collecting stones you have

lost a precious pearl. While helping a person

never look towards his face, may be his obliged

face may sow a seed of pride in your heart.

Never hurt someone’s feelings, because even if

you say sorry, scar of pain remains in his heart,

just as the hole remains in the wall despite the

nail being taken out. Try your best that every

moment of your life is spent in doing good to all,

because life is never going to last but good

memories are going to last forever even after

one is gone. Always remember if somebody tells

you a good advice, because when value of a

pearl is asked, nobody cares as to who took it

out of the sea. Somebody asked a bird flying in

the sky: Don’t you fear that you can fall on the

earth? He replied with a smile: I am not a human

I Shall Love All Mankind.

being who becomes proud on going up a little. I

always keep my eyes towards the earth.

Friends! Human being is a strange creature! He

loses his health to amass wealth. Then to regain

health gives away all his wealth. He wastes his

present for the sake of future, and he weeps

over his past while living in future. He lives as if

he is not going to die ever, and dies as if he was

never alive. Example of evil deeds is like going

downhill; take a step and other steps follow in

tempo. Doing good deed is like climbing a

mountain; every step forward gets more difficult;

but every step also takes one towards the

peak. Never think as to why Allah does not accept

your supplications immediately. Rather

give Him thanks for not punishing you immediately

for every evil deed committed. Never

grieve for losses borne because Allah never

takes back the

bounty unless He

grants better than

the one lost. Relationships

do not

end on their own,

these are always

broken by man himself

— sometimes through hatred, sometimes

through indifference and sometimes through

misunderstanding. It is our common observation

that when something goes into our body,

nobody can see it; similarly, a man sees other’s

weaknesses but cannot see his own. People always

ask about the welfare of people who are

quite well off, but people who are in difficulty

and needs our attention, they are not only ignored

but even their mobile numbers are deleted.

When I studied lives of the people in general

I realised that everyone does love somebody

and then a day comes when he dies and is

buried in the grave and had to leave his beloved

behind. Then I thought why should not I love

good deeds so that I am not left alone in the

grave. Never decide anything in a state of anger

as one cannot see one’s reflection in a boiling

water. Try to develop habit of forgiving people

and exercise power of forbearance. It is all

Allah’s beneficence that He connives at our evil

deeds. If evil deeds of one another were made

manifested to each other, then we would not be

even coming to each other’s funeral to bury the

dead. I do not understand why people avoid listening

to what is true, but when someone is

February 2017 The

Light 9

The Holy Quran assures believers

eternal peace and

blessings not only for the doing

of good deeds but also

for their fathers, their

spouses and offspring.

praised, even if it be outwardly, people listen to

it and smile. O human being, observe patience!

Difficult days will soon pass away. People laugh

at you today, but tomorrow they will envy at


The Holy Quran assures believers eternal

peace and blessings not only for the doing of

good deeds but also for their fathers, their

spouses and offspring:

“And those who are steadfast, seeking the

pleasure of their Lord, and keep up prayer, and

spend of that which We have given them, secretly

and openly, and repel evil with good; for

such is a happy abode in the hereafter — Gardens

of perpetuity, which they enter along with

those who do good among their fathers and

their spouses and their offspring; and the angels

will enter in upon them from every gate.

Peace be to you, because you were constant

— how excellent is then the final Abode!”


At this point, I would like to quote English

translation of two moving couplets, from a

poem of the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement,

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It is about

humility and how to attain love of God through

it: “He who lives in humility is the one who finds

Muslims need to do

serious research to show

that Arabic is the

‘mother’ of all the

existing languages of the


his Beloved. O seeker of truth! Try this prescription

as well. Give up conceit and vanity – that is

what righteousness is. Make yourself lowly and

humble – therein lies the pleasure of Allah!”

And I conclude this brief talk with a prayer

made by a well-known British Muslima, Sister

Sara Joseph:

“O God! Grant me the serenity to accept

things I cannot change.

O God! Grant me the courage to change the

things I can.

O God! Grant me the wisdom to know the

difference between the two.

O God! It is only in accepting Your Will

wherein lies peace and blessings.”

My question to myself and to all of you is:

Is God our Beloved?

Do we really love the Holy Prophet (s)?

Do we really adhere to the Call of the Imam of

the Age to ‘Hold religion above the World’?

If so, and we claim to do so?

Then let us look into our hearts, and make a

resolution to believe and practice what Allah

wants, what the Holy Prophet requires of us,

and what we have pledged to the Imam of the


What's special about the

Arabic language? 1

Annika Schauer


Is there anything exclusively interesting

about the Arabic language?

The Arabic language is wonderfully interesting.

The tri-literal root and measure system of

makes it a really cool language. The fundamental

concepts of the language are encoded into

simple three-letter combinations that take on

1 From Quora

I Shall Love All Mankind.

February 2017 The

Light 10

more and more nuanced shades of meaning as

rules are applied.

Let's look at the tri-literal root QVI as an example.

I'm going to write examples using the

Standard Arabic Technical Transliteration System

(SATTS) 2 for the sake of simplicity.

SATTS employs all the Latin alphabetic letters

except P, plus four punctuation marks, for a

total of 29 symbols (all the letters of the Arabic

alphabet, plus the glottal-stop symbol hamzah).

‏(ق ض ی)‏ Verbs based off of QVI

QVI= Measure 1 (regular). To settle a matter, to

pass time, to finish something

QVVI= Measure 2 (causative or intensifying). To

carry out, execute, or perform something

QAVI= Measure 3 (reciprocal) To bring before a

court of justice

AQVI= Measure 4 (causative) To litigate or sue

TQVVI= Measure 5 (reflexive of measure 2) To

finish, to run out of time

TQAVI= Measure 6 (reflexive of measure 3) To

litigate a lawsuit

ANQVI= Measure 7 (passive of measure 1) To be


AQTVI= Measure 8 (reflexive of measure 1) To

demand or require

---- = Measure 9 (colours defects) no word

ASTQVI= Measure 10 (wanting or trying to do

something) To claim or demand something

From here, now that we have all the verbs

laid out, we can start making nouns and adjectives

from each verb form. (also, based on

measures, so each is formed with regularity)

QVI ‏(قضی)‏ = a judgment, sentence, or decision

QVAE ‏(قضاء)‏ = settling, finishing

QAVI ( ‏(قاضی = a judge or magistrate

QVAEI ) ‏(قضائ = judicial

QVWI? ALXLH ق(‏ الصلح(‏ = a justice of the



QVI? ( ‏(قضیہ = a lawsuit

MQAVA? ( ‏(مقاضاہ = A trial or hearing

TQAVI ( ‏(تقاضی = litigation

AQTVAE ( ‏(اقتضاء = necessity

And now some adjectives, also based on the

same simple forms.


= decisive ضاق(‏ (

MQVI ) ‏(مقضی = settled, accomplished

MTQAV ( ‏(متقاض = a litigant

MTQAVI ‏(متقاضی(‏ = subject to litigation

MQTVI ( ‏(مقتضی = necessary

So, in conclusion, the Arabic language has

24 fully-defined shades of meaning and uses for

the same 3-letter verb (QVI), and each of those

standard changes can be applied to any other 3-

letter verb to create all sorts of interesting

ideas, according to the same rules.


The genesis of the poem

“Jamal o husn Qur’an nur-ejan

har musalman hai”

By Imam Kalamazad

This is a poem made immensely popular by

Maulana SM Tufail in his Songs of Islam and is

sung with love and fervour by all our people

and by others, too, and even by little children.

Perhaps if the context and background of this

song is known, the appreciation for it may increase

by leaps and bounds.

This is taken from the great book of the Founder

of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Barahine-Ahmadiyya,

and came at a time when he was

at pains to explain that God is One in His person,

rank, attributes, works, and words.

What was especially galling to him was that although

the opponents of Islam accept the fact

that God is Unique in His works and that nothing

He has created can be replicated by man, yet

they would not concede that His words are

peerless and beyond the power of any man, in

2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Arabic_Technical_Transliteration_System

I Shall Love All Mankind.

February 2017 The

Light 11

fact, all men together, to approximate, equal or,

God forbid, even surpass!

The following is part of His forceful argument

against such a blasphemous notion. He writes:

“O you the mindless! And O you the destitute

of reason! Do you consider the lucidity and

eloquence of the Word of God lower than,

and its excellence inferior to, the wings and

legs of a housefly? It is indeed regrettable

that about the physical constitution of a

mosquito you openly admit that such a constitution

is not possible for man to make nor

will it be possible in the future, yet, about the

Word of Allah, you claim that man can produce

the like of it. In fact, you dispute and argue

that although no man has so far been

able to match it, what is the proof that in future

he will not have this ability?

O ignorant ones! The proof is the same as

that which you understand and accept so

well in the context of mosquitoes, houseflies

and every leaf on a tree. But when you behold

divine light, your eyes are blinded like

those of an owl or become clouded. So, because

of your fly-like natures, you readily

acknowledge the grandeur of a housefly, but

do not acknowledge the magnificence of the

light of Allah. You admit that these words,

like their meanings, emanate from the very

mouth of God, yet you do not even equate

them to the saliva that comes out of the

mouth of a bee. In other words, you believe

man to be incapable of producing honey, yet

capable of creating the Word of God. It is

amazing how mere vermin have caught your

fancy, and captivated your hearts, so much

so that the Word of God is not considered

equal even to them.

own existence as He did not grant to the superior?”

(Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Part III, pp.

25-26; Rabwah publication)

Then comes the poem, the full text of which is

given below in English translation from the

Urdu original (taken from Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya,

Part III, pp. 26-27; Rabwah publication):

The grace and beauty of the Quran is the

light and life of every Muslim;

The moon is the beloved of others—our beloved

is the Quran.

I searched everywhere; its peer could not

be found;

Why, after all, should it not be unique; it is

the Holy Word of the Gracious Lord.

Every word in it is a living and everlasting


No orchard has such quality, nor is there a

garden like it.

The Holy Word of the Gracious God has no

equal; Be it a pearl from Oman or a ruby

from Badakhshan 3 .

How can the word of man equal the Word

of God?

There, is divine power; here, is helplessness.

The difference is so obvious.

In knowledge and eloquence, how can man

equal Him;

Before whom even the angels confess ignorance.

Ignorant people! If God’s Word is not matchless,

then who told you that insects and trees

and leaves are matchless? Do you not at all reflect

that if the Word of God is no match even

for mere insects, this would raise doubts

about the very wisdom of God, Who would

stand accused of granting supremacy to an inferior

thing over a superior one, and of vesting

the inferior with such signs regarding His

3 Badakhshan refers to the historic region lying

around the borders of the present-day Tajikistan

I Shall Love All Mankind.

and Afghanistan. This area is known for the excellent

quality and brightness of its rubies.

February 2017 The

Light 12

Even the tiny leg of an insect, man can never


How then is it possible for him to create the

light of God?

O people, have some regard for the grandeur

of the Great Lord;

Hold your tongues now if you have even a

hint of faith.

To consider someone equal to God is an act

of great infidelity;

Have some fear of God, dears! What a lie

and calumny this is!

If you accept the Oneness of God,

Why are your hearts so full of polytheism?

What veils of ignorance have enveloped

your hearts!

You are indeed guilty of an error. Desist, if

you have any fear of God.

I bear no ill will to you, brothers! This is

only humble advice;

My heart and life are an offering for anyone

who has a pure heart.”

To comprehend the situation even more deeply,

we must remember that this came at a time

when Western-educated Muslims who were enamoured

by Western science and technology

and especially their philosophy had also taken

up the false belief that the Word of God is not

unique and peerless, and to this group he addresses

the following words:

“Whatever I have written so far regarding

the matchlessness of the Divine Word has

been intended for certain short-sighted and

free-thinking Muslims of this age, who have

been rendered arrogant and benighted by

sophistic and dubious Western education

and have been led into renouncing and

I Shall Love All Mankind.

denying the matchlessness of the Glorious

Quran, which is a necessary condition of its

being from Allah. Despite being called Muslims,

believing in the Holy Quran, and professing

the Kalimah [the declaration of faith

in Islam], they think, like the faithless, that

the Word of Allah equals the words of an insignificant

human being in its external and

internal qualities. The statement ‘And they

failed to respect Allah as He should be respected’

(6:92) is applicable to them because

they have disregarded all the magnificent

powers of God and profound wisdom

that must necessarily reflect the countenance

of God in everything that proceeds

from Him” (Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Part III, p.

28; Rabwah publication).

One wonders whether they had forgotten,

among many verses of the Holy Quran, the following


“Taught man what he knew not. Nay, man is

surely inordinate” (96:5-6).

“And this is a Blessed Book We have revealed,

verifying that which is before it, and

that thou mayest warn the mother of the

towns and those around her. And those who

believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and

they keep a watch over their prayers” (6:92).

May our gratitude to Allah, Most High, increase

each second of our lives and may we honour

and love this great defender and saviour of Islam

who was sent when Islam and Muslims

were in the greatest depths of despair as they

had to face external attacks from all quarters,

and worse, were steeped in deadly internecine


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