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2017 02 The Light February 2017

Presenting the true meaning of Islam as a peaceful, liberal, tolerant, inclusive and rational way of life

February 2017 The Light 2 The Call of the Messiah by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah and Mahdi Always remember, therefore, that you cannot come out of the darkness without firm conviction, nor can you receive the Holy Spirit without it. Blessed are they who have this faith and blessed are they who have been delivered from uncertainties and doubts, for they alone will be delivered of sin. Blessed will you be when this great treasure of unshakeable faith is given to you, since on that day sin for you will come to an end. Deliverance from sin lies in perfect conviction O you who seek the Lord, open your ears and listen. Remember that it is only perfect faith which can deliver you from sin. Faith gives you the power to do good, and faith alone can turn you into a lover of God. Can you turn away from evil without perfect conviction? Can you hold your base impulses in check without the help of an indisputable truth? Can anyone bring about any real change in himself without this perfect conviction? Can you achieve some state of fulfilment and peace of mind without such perfect certainty? Can you ever gain any real prosperity without it? Is there any penance in the whole world which can give you the power to avoid sin? A power which humans stand in need of, so much. Can the supposed blood of Jesus, son of Mary, deliver you cannot come out of you from sin? the darkness without O Christians, firm conviction, nor can stop stating you receive the Holy such monstrous a falsehood that will Spirit without it. shatter this earth into pieces. Jesus himself had to depend on perfect faith to obtain deliverance. He believed with total conviction and was delivered. Woe, indeed, on those Christians who mislead the world by saying they have been delivered by the blood of Jesus Christ even when they are immersed in evil, from head to foot. They do not even know who is their God. Their life is one of indulgence and ease. Intoxicated by wine, they remain unaware of the life with God, and for them there is no share in the fruits of life that is lived in purity. I Shall Love All Mankind. Sin and faith cannot exist together. Will you ever knowingly put your hand into a hole when you can see for yourself that it is occupied by a poisonous snake? Or will you remain standing where a shower of red-hot stones is coming down from some belching volcano? Or will you stand at a place where a thunderbolt is about to strike from above, or where a ferocious lion is likely to attack at any moment? Or will you live in a place where a dangerous plague is destroying mankind? So, if you believe in Allah with the same firmness of conviction as you believe in the danger from a snake, or a thunderbolt, or a lion, or from the plague, it is not possible for you to defy Him by disobedience and so incur punishment thereby, or for you to wish to break the bond of sincerity and loyalty which binds you to Him. O you people who have been called to righteousness and truth, rest fully assured that Divine attraction will take its birth in you and you will be washed clean of the ugly stain of sin only when your hearts become filled with firm conviction. Perhaps you will say that you have this conviction, but you should take care to remember that this feeling is not more than a delusion on your part. That firm conviction is most certainly not yet yours for you do not fulfil the conditions which necessarily must attend it always. You have not yet given up your sinful ways. You have not yet taken the first step which you ought to have taken the moment this firm conviction became yours. You do not yet fear sin as you should. You can very well solve the question in your own mind. A man never puts his hand into a hole which he knows is occupied by a poisonous snake, nor does he ever knowingly partake of a

February 2017 The Light 3 food he has reason to believe has been poisoned. Nor will he thoughtlessly walk into a clump of trees which harbours a lion. Then how can your hands and feet, your eyes and ears, dare to sin when you have the same degree of certainty regarding the punishment and reward from Allah concerning your conduct in life? How in the name of reason can you throw yourself into a fire which you know will burn you to ashes? And always remember that the defensive ramparts built by firm conviction against sin are veritably as high as the heavens so that Satan Faith enables a man to see Allah. built them up. cannot scale them to get to you, once you have properly Everyone who is purified is purified through firmness of faith. It is faith which gives you the strength to bear hardships, even to the extent of persuading a king to abdicate his royal throne and choose the life of a vagrant. Faith dissolves all difficulties. Faith enables a man to see Allah. All ideas of any atoning sacrifice are false, for every kind of purity comes only from firm conviction. The only thing which delivers a man from sin and advances him in sincerity and steadfastness far ahead of the angels themselves is faith and faith alone. All religions which fail to create this firmness of conviction are false. All religions which fail to show God by means beyond any shadow of a doubt are false. And false also are all those religions which contain nothing more than a handful of tales and fables about what happened in the past. (continued) What We Can Learn from Maryam? Iain Dixon Talk delivered at UK Lahore Ahmadiyya Centre, 4th December 16 Assalamu alaikum! Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. Again, it is a privilege as a follower of the Lord Jesus to be speaking to you today. I want us to look at I Shall Love All Mankind. A thermometer is affected by the temperature around it, but a thermostat is designed to set and change the temperature around it. what I have learnt about Maryam in the Honoured Quran, and how we can apply these lessons practically in our lives. I will also be briefly commenting on relevant passages in my Holy Scriptures, The Bible. I am using the English translation of the Honoured Quran by Abdullah Yusaf Ali for my thoughts. I apologise if my comments do not reflect the exact meaning of the Arabic text. I remember having a cup of tea with a Christian teacher who announced to me that she had great respect for Muslims. She told me there was a whole chapter in the Quran called ‘Maryam’. I have taken the time to read this chapter, and in it we read the story of the miraculous virgin birth of the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. Many view the religion of Islam as 'anti Bible', but in the Quran, we read many precious truths, reflections of what is already proclaimed in the Bible. I have had people ask me if the Quran is a book of hate, or is it a book of peace? I respond by Let us learn from the life of Maryam, that no situation we face is impossible for Allah to handle. personally buying them a copy of the Quran in a language they understand, and asking them to read it for themselves. My motto is ‘Don't burn the Quran, . . .Read the Quran!’ So, what can we learn from the life of Maryam? Before I comment from Surah Maryam, let us look at a few verses from Surah 3. In verse 42 we read: “O Mary, Allah has chosen you and purified you.” Wow! Allah chose Maryam for a specific task! Have you ever been in a plane descending towards the airport runway, and as you come through the clouds you begin to see roads and buildings. Then as you descend further, you see people walking around! This to me is a wonderful heavenly view of Allah’s eyes watching over

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