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Leading Women of Scotland


Victoria Drummond 1894 -

Victoria Drummond 1894 - 1978 Marine Engineer First British woman Marine Engineer. Victoria was born at Megginch Castle, Perthshire. She became the first British woman Marine Engineer and the first woman member of the Institute of Marine Engineers. She was awarded an MBE and Lloyd’s War Medal for bravery at sea during WW2. From an early age, she showed an interest in marine mechanics. This branch of engineering focuses on the design and construction of seagoing vessels. She began her career as an apprentice in the Northern Garage, Perth, from 1916 - 1918. She then moved to the Caledon Ship Works in Dundee, where she stayed until 1922. She was determined to become a chief engineer despite failing the exam 37 times. She became convinced that this was because she was a woman. She was, however, awarded a Panamanian chief engineer’s certificate. By 1940, she was serving at sea again and in August 1940 joined the SS Bonita. The ship was attacked by enemy aircraft in the mid-Atlantic, and Victoria Drummond was commended for her bravery and leadership. 10

Dorothée Aurélie Marianne Pullinger 1894 - 1986 Automobile Engineer Designed the first car for women which went into general production. Dorothée trained under her father at the Arrol-Johnston car works in Paisley. During WW1, Vickers employed her as their Lady Superintendent in charge of 7,000 female war workers at Barrow, where she set up their apprenticeship scheme. After WWI, she became a Director and manager of Galloway Motors Ltd, in Tongland, Kirkcudbright. At this factory she remodelled the Fiat 501 and created the Galloway (10/20 CV, 4 cylinders, capacity 1528 cc). This was the first car designed specifically for women, and it is still the only vehicle to go into general production on that basis. It remained in production in a variety of versions until 1925. Dorothée was one of the founding members of the Women’s Engineering Society in 1919 and was awarded an MBE in 1920. During WW2, she set up the women's industrial war work programme for Lord Nuffield and ran 13 factories. She was the only woman on a post-war government committee formed to recruit women into factories. 11

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