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Leading Women of Scotland


Naziyah Mahmood

Naziyah Mahmood Astrophysicist and Aerospace Engineer Designed satellite orbits and space missions for the European Space Agency. Naziyah covers a diverse range of fields. She has worked on European Space Agency missions as a Mission Analyst and on orbital and trajectory analysis, as well as working on Particle Physics Experiments based on CERN data. She is also a poet, a writer, an actress and a model, among other things. Additionally, she is a keen martial artist (specialising in weapon arts) and a weapons collector, all while being a peace-loving woman of faith. Although living with a visual impairment, Naziyah overcame numerous obstacles to become an academic of excellence. She attained an Honours degree in Physics with Astrophysics, and then achieved her PG in Space Mission Analysis and Design (Aerospace Engineering), before going on to work in the Space industry – these qualifications allowed her to reach the very stars that she was unable to see her entire life. Naziyah is now a STEM Development Manager at City of Glasgow College, a role which includes developing and growing the science and engineering sectors in educational institutions and has also become a champion for women in STEM by promoting gender equality and diversity in the STEM fields. 24

Kelsey Morgan Construction Havelock Europa Apprentice Ambassador 2014 in Scotland’s Modern Apprenticeship Awards. Kelsey was always keen to get into a trade rather than have a retail or office-based job. She wanted a role where she could get hands-on experience and a recognised qualification so she undertook a joinery Modern Apprentice. As well as gaining vast amounts of experience and skills, it has allowed her to go to schools, colleges and events to promote the Modern Apprenticeship programme and women in construction. In 2014, she won the Apprentice Ambassador category of Scotland’s Modern Apprenticeship Awards. Since completing her apprenticeship, Kelsey has moved within Havelock Europa to a project coordinator role. Kelsey continues to represent the company and the construction sector at a large number of events and in the media. Havelock Europa’s HR Resourcing Business Partner, Nicola Cunningham, said: “She is very driven for such a young person and is focused not just on what she wants to do but also about how she can help others to achieve their goals. Kelsey is truly a great ambassador for not only the MA programme but for women in construction and an inspirational lady” . 25

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