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Brexit Movement of Goods and the Supply Chain



SPECIAL TRADE COMMISSION SOURCES Auditor General of Canada (2016). “2016 Fall Reports of the Auditor General of Canada—Report 1—The Beyond the Border Action Plan”, oag_201611_01_e_41830.html Arvis, Jean-François, Daniel Saslavsky, Lauri Ojala, Ben Shepherd, Christina Busch, Anasuya Raj and Tapio Naula (2016). “Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy”, The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank; https://wb-lpi-media. Baldwin, John R., and Beiling Yan (2016). “Global Value Chain Participation and the Productivity of Canadian Manufacturing Firms”, Institute for Research on Public Policy, Canada Border Services Agency website, http://www.cbsa-asfc., accessed between November 23 and December 22, 2016; see footnotes for links to sites for specific programs on that website. Canada Border Services Agency (2016a). “2015-16 Departmental Performance Report”, Government of Canada, Catalogue No. PS35-6E-PDF, ISSN 2368-3651, agency-agence/reports-rapports/dpr-rmr/2015-2016/reportrapport-eng.pdf Canada Border Services Agency (2016), Integrated Cargo Security Strategy, icss-sisf-menu-eng.html, last accessed December 14, 2016 Canada Border Services Agency (2015). “2016-17 Reports on Plans and Priorities”, Government of Canada, Catalogue No. PS35-5/2015E-PDF, ISSN 2292-5384, rpp/2015-2016/rpp-2015-2016-eng.pdf. OECD (2016), “Trade Facilitation Indicators”, http://www.oecd. org/trade/facilitation/indicators.htm, last accessed December 20, 2016. Public Safety Canada (2016a). “Beyond the Border Action Plan”, ctn-pln-en.aspx, last accessed December 15, 2016 Public Safety Canada (2016b). “2015 Beyond the Border Implementation Report”,, last accessed December 15, 2016 Public Safety Canada (2016c). “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness”, index-en.aspx, last accessed December 10, 2016. Roy, Jacques (2016). “By Road, Rail, Sea and Air: The Role of Transportation Networks in Moving Canada’s Merchandise Trade”, Institute for Research on Public Policy, Treasury Board Secretariat (2016), Regulatory Cooperation Council, index-eng.asp, last accessed December 10, 2016 World Bank (2016). “Logistics Performance Index”, http://, last accessed on December 16, 2016 World Customs Organization (2016). “2015-2016 Annual Report”, World Customs Organization, Brussels, http://www. Research/Annual%20reports/AR%20English%20Final%20 2015_2016.ashx?db=web, last accessed December 9, 2016 60 |

SPECIAL TRADE COMMISSION ABOUT THE AUTHORS Shanker Singham Shanker Singham is Director of Economic Policy and Prosperity Studies at the Legatum Institute. He is also a trade and competition lawyer as well as an author and adviser to governments and companies. He holds an M.A. in chemistry from Balliol College, Oxford University and postgraduate legal degrees in both the UK and US. He has lectured, written and spoken extensively, including more than one hundred articles and book chapters and the leading textbook on trade and competition policy. He is a frequent contributor on trade issues to major news outlets. Singham has begun work on identifying and quantifying anti-competitive market distortions and how to create the preconditions necessary for wealth creation, competitiveness, and productivity. He is currently the CEO and Chair of the Competere Group, the Enterprise City development company incubated at Babson College. He is based in London. Victoria Hewson Victoria Hewson is a Senior Associate at CMS Cameron McKenna LLP, currently seconded to act as counsel to the Legatum Institute Special Trade Commission. In practice, she advises banks and financial institutions on technology, outsourcing and fintech. She has an LLB from University College London. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked for Procter & Gamble in Frankfurt and Newcastle upon Tyne on finance and employee services projects. | 61

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