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PORTFOLIOS Portfolios There are several different types of portfolio and the format you choose will be determined by the nature of your work – clearly, a journalist’s portfolio will be very different to an architect’s or a musician’s, for example. Despite these differences, there are general principles that they all share. This guide is intended to highlight these general principles to help you create an impressive professional portfolio for your specialist area. What is a portfolio? A portfolio is a collection of your work devised in such a way as to demonstrate your creative ability, technical skills, achievements and professionalism to prospective employers. A portfolio is therefore essential for anyone hoping to work in the creative industries. Part of the purpose of a portfolio is to show your creative development and progression, so it is important to start work on your portfolio sooner rather than later. Types Portfolios come in different formats, depending on the professional area – they may be physical pieces of work, (such as prints, photographs or paintings), digital or printed collections of your work (for example pdfs of writing samples or photographs of your work) or video, multimedia files or showreels (for animators, musicians or graphic designers). They can also be a mixture, e.g. physical pieces of work plus good quality photographs of a piece of work that is too large or awkward to include. Online For maximum flexibility, accessibility and publicity, you may decide to put your portfolio online so that potential employers can easily get an idea of your work via a link in your CV or your email signature, for example. Link it also to your social media accounts. Creating a portfolio Quality, not quantity Creating a good portfolio takes time and care. It is quality that counts, not quantity - employers may not have long to look at your portfolio, so it is important to keep it concise, while still showcasing what you have to offer. Choose which pieces of work you include with care and consideration, selecting only ones that you are proud of, will be able to talk about with enthusiasm and passion, 1

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