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Background design Keep neutral so that your work stands out. Content Images: As for a physical portfolio, put your best work at beginning, it is quality not quantity that matters, but you need to ensure you demonstrate variety of skills Text: Be concise but meaningful and explanatory. Spreading the word: Let people know your website is there by including a link to it in your email signature, CV, cover letter and LinkedIn page. If you are on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media, include them in your online portfolio. Put your online portfolio on a portfolio platform such as The Dots or Cargo Collective and follow people and organisations you admire. All these are good ways to network. For further tips on building an online portfolio, see Tips from Behance: steps-to-creating-a-knockout-online-portfolio Sites for online portfolios 10 best portfolio websites for artists and designers The Dots: Behance: Cargo Collective: - publishing portal for creatives, with templates Dexigner: online portal for designers, architects, illustrators, engineers, artists, and creatives Showreels If you are an animator, video, film and motion graphic artist, composer or musicians, the showreel is an accessible and powerful way to provide potential employers and clients with a visual representation of your work, giving them an overview as well as demonstrating your skills and abilities. The guiding principles explained above still apply to showreels. To summarise: Research the company you are sending your showreel to and include only the most relevant examples of your work. As with a CV, you need to get the employer’s attention quickly. They often do not have long to look at your showreel and can decide whether you are of interest in the first 30 seconds, so keep it short (around 2 minutes), to the point and impactful from the start. Ask someone whose opinion you trust to review your showreel. Ensure your showreel is available in multiple formats: CD or DVD and online, which will make it much easier for potential employers to see. 4

Other useful websites: University of the Arts London tips on building a portfolio: Art Support artist portfolio guidelines: Informal advice from top creatives’ advice for grads on putting together a portfolio: Graphic design jobs board with careers information, including: Prospects graduate careers information on portfolios: Advertising: The Dots video on creating an Advertising - Architecture: Archinect architecture portfolio advice: - Journalism: guide to building a portfolio: article: 5 great journalist portfolio and CV websites: article: How to build a distinctive portfolio website with ease: article how to create a writing portfolio for freelancers: Wannabehacks article: Journalism – best sites for building a portfolio: Wannabehacks article: Journalism – portfolio tips: MyHub is home to a wealth of careers resources. For a useful summary and links to the main ones, take a look at Careers FAQs: Connecting with employers Our team can connect you to a wide range of employers, we also provide up-to-date information about the labour market and what employers are looking for in our students and graduates. When you use MyHub to search for vacancies make sure you check the employer information – this is where we record any specific hints / tips or “extra” information about their recruitment and selection processes. You can do this when you look at individual vacancies, or when you are researching particular companies or organisations. We have an active calendar of employer events on campus throughout the academic year. These include our Annual Careers Fair and a number of smaller sector-specific careers events that focus on a particular industry. You can also meet employers at information 5

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