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conclusions references Investing in energy efficiency of housing is a clearly beneficial way to combat energy poverty as it has many positive effects not only on growth, but also on social cohesion and environment quality, and helps to save costs in other policy areas as well (Housing Europe, 2015). However, mobilising the necessary funding and channelling the investment remains a challenge to projects. Several EU communications highlight that we would need to invest at least €100bn per year for energy efficiency, but the reality is that we have only half that amount of money available. For a smart use of the funds, we need a better understanding of the project management and financial support. We need to ensure that the renovation of housing will be among the eligible projects. Indeed, an obstacle is the long term payback time on investment, reducing the interest of private investors. Of course, the EU should, and could do more when investing in energy efficiency in buildings. Investing more in cost-effective renovation of buildings would significantly ease not only the issue of energy dependence and energy poverty, but help improve the living circumstances of its citizens, as well as creating jobs. In fact, the added value of the aforementioned new projects and practices towards this direction is clear. Of course, the combination of Cohesion Policy funds with other financing will require learning and creative thinking. Together with the contribution of EU Regional and Cohesion Policy and effective capacity building exercises, housing associations at national and regional levels will be encouraged to get closer to the policy objectives. However, the added value of the Cohesion Policy lies in the integrated approach to local development. Social inclusion should also be considered when looking at the different regional priorities. Social housing is a great example of social infrastructure that needs to be supported by the EU due to its contribution to social cohesion and sustainable development. ceb (2016a) Mission and history. Retrieved from: about/mission/ Accessed: 15-08-2016. ceb (2016b) How to access CEB financing. Retrieved from: Accessed: 01-09-2016. ceb (2016c) CEB approves new loans for social projects. Retrieved from: http:// Accessed: 01-09-2016. ceb (2016d) Projects focusing on rehabilitating run-down neighbourhoods and ensuring affordable housing in Portugal. Retrieved from: rehabilitating-run-down-neighbourhoods/ Accessed: 02-09-2016. cordis (2015) Self-organising Thermal Operational Resource Management. Retrieved: Accessed: 27-08-2016. dg regio (2015a) What has changed from 2007-2013? Brussels. Retrieved from: instruments/2007-2013-changes/ Accessed: 02-08-2016. dg regio (2015b) Low-carbon economy. Retrieved from: regional_policy/en/policy/themes/low-carbon-economy/ Accessed: 05-08-2016. eib (2014) Brandenburg Regionalentwicklung GD VI. Retrieved from: Accessed: 14-08-2016. eib (2015) Energy Efficiency in residential buildings. Retrieved from: Accessed: 13-08-2016. eib (2016a) Retrieved from: en.jpg Accessed: 14-08-2016. eib (2016b) Private Finance for Energy Efficiency. Retrieved from: Accessed: 13-08-2016. elena (2016) Support for the preparation of investments in sustainable energy. Retrieved from: Accessed: 14-08-2016. 164 WARM HOMES FOR ALL - TOOLS TO TACKLE THE WARM HOMES FOR ALL - TOOLS TO TACKLE THE 165 ENERGY POVERTY CHALLENGE ENERGY POVERTY CHALLENGE

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