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Fish in focus - Germany's fish fair

25 to 27 February 2018 in Bremen Germany


THE FULL RANGE OF SEAFOOD They live in cracks in rocks, swim in shoals or solo, and are enjoyed as costly delicatessen or hearty everyday food. People have eaten fish and seafood of all kinds from ancient times – and fish international showcases the variety available. Whether fresh, frozen, marinated or smoked - the fair offers the full product range. In addition, you will find equipment for fishmongers and mobile traders, machines and other tools for fish processing, plus a large aquaculture section with everything for fish farming. FISH COMMANDS A HIGH VALUE: ON AVERAGE, GERMANS SPEND €14.03 PER KG ON FRESH FISH. THAT PUTS THEM IN SECOND PLACE IN THE EU AFTER DENMARK. Source: EUMOFA 4

AN INDUSTRY MEETING PLACE FOR 30 YEARS fish international has been the German meeting place for the fish industry for 30 years. Germany‘s only fish trade fair regularly draws exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, next time from 25 to 27 February 2018. Anyone who wants to present their fish products, technical solutions and new developments to the industry, or meet regular customers and get to know new ones comes to the right place here. ONLY A HANDFUL OF EXHIBITORS AT THE FIRST FAIR Over 30 years, fish international has grown up. One of the very first exhibitors was Diederik „Diek“ Parlevliet. His company group includes Doggerbank Seefischerei GmbH in Bremerhaven. Now 61 years old, the Managing Director of Parlevliet & van der Plas based in the Dutch town of Katwijk looks back over his time at the fish fair. „Why was I at the first fair? Because Peter Koch-Bodes, a fishmonger and the founder of fish international, put my name down on his list as the first participant without even asking! He just told me: ‚You‘re taking part.‘ Of course, I was all for it. We were one of the regular suppliers to his shop and it was a good idea to present our Bremerhaven company at a German fair. Over the years, the fair has grown steadily. Today it‘s an institution, above all in northern Europe. But for me, the very first show was special. In 1988, we were only a handful of exhibitors, all from Bremerhaven, and we occupied a small corner of the Stadthalle. It was like a family get-together. As far as I can remember, it didn‘t cost us much. That‘s not because Peter gave us a special deal. Every year, I always joke that I‘ll only come if I get a discount. But Peter never gives in.“ EXHIBITORS WHO HAVE PARTICIPA- TED IN EVERY FISH FAIR SINCE 1988: Fahrzeugwerk Borco-Höhns, FBG Fischereihafen-Betriebsgesellschaft, FischMagazin, F.L. Bodes, Helmut Boss Verpackungsmaschinen, Heinrich Abelmann, Spedition Lühmann, Parlevliet & van der Plas Diederik „Diek“ Parlevliet On board right from the start – since 1988 5