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Fish in focus - Germany's fish fair

25 to 27 February 2018 in Bremen Germany


IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL: FISH MARKET MEETS STREET FOOD Our small but classy fish market is the right place to talk, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the fair, or enjoy a bite to eat. Perfect for the fast pace of both the fair and modern life, snacks hit the spot here. Enjoy a fish burger from the food truck, a classic shrimps-filled bread roll and more. Markets are about selling! Equipment for professional fish sales: from pricing, labelling and weighing equipment to the latest sales vehicles and counters, you can find everything here. And by the way: Only in Bremen will you see such a variety of fish counters. FISH TAKES OFF ON FOOD TRUCKS BE INSPIRED! SEE HOW YOU CAN TAP INTO NEW CUSTOMER TARGET GROUPS WITH SALMON, HERRING OR SHRIMPS. 8

PROCESSED, PURIFIED, PACKAGED… FISH PRODUCTION NEEDS TECHNOLOGY New solutions for boning, filleting, packaging and other process stages. fish international presents new technologies specifically geared to SMEs. … AND TRACKED RIGHT BACK TO THE SOURCE Today‘s consumers are critical: They want to know exactly where the fish they buy comes from, and how it was farmed and caught. The trade fair gives an overview of certifications and the criteria they demand. It presents appropriate solutions for documenting product origin right back to the source. 9