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Case Series/Study The

Case Series/Study The Use of Ovine Collagen Extracellular Matrix and Gentin Violet and Methylene Blue Antibacterial Foam Dressings in the Effective Treatment of Wounds with Exposed Tendon and Bone in the High Risk Diabetic Foot Case Series/Study Initial Experience Using Bone Tissue Engineering in Complex Stage IV Wounds Complex and Traumatic Wound Management with a Viable Cryopreserved Human Placental Case Series/Study Membrane Use of a Viable Intact Cryopreserved Human Amniotic Membrane for the Management of Case Series/Study Nonhealing Chronic Wounds in a Hospital Outpatient Based Setting Viable Cryopreserved Human Placental Membrane for the Management of a Stalled Pyoderma Case Series/Study Gangrenosum Wound Case Series/Study Aesthetic Reconstruction over Exposed Nasal Cartilage with a Viable Cryopreserved Human Placental Membrane as an Alternative to Surgical Three-Staged Forehead Flap Open Surgical Implantation of a Viable Intact Cryopreserved Human Amniotic Membrane for Case Series/Study the Treatment of Recalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis: A 12-month Follow-Up Case Study Surgical Management of Chronic Plantar Diabetic Foot Ulceration with Dorsal Implantation of Case Series/Study Viable Intact Cryopreserved Human Placental Tissues Viable Cryopreserved Human Placental Membrane Induces Granulation Over Exposed Bone, Case Series/Study Tendon and Joint Surfaces of the Hand to Support Skin Autograft Survival Use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation for Managing a Complex, Non- Case Series/Study Healing Wound: A Case Report Case Series/Study Super-oxygenated Hypochlorous Solution as an Alternative to Current Standard Practice Case Series/Study Hypothermically Stored Amniotic Allograft for the Treatment of Severe Chronic Wounds Mcilrath McLeod Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Minior Moore Mowry

Case Series/Study Use of a Fresh Amniotic Membrane to Treat a Diverse Population of Wounds Case Series/Study Hypothermically Stored Amniotic Allograft for the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers The Durability, Versatility and Utility of a Human Acellular Dermal Matrix in the Treatment of Case Series/Study Difficult Wounds Case Series/Study Human Placental Connective Tissue Matrix (hCTM) a pathway toward improved outcomes A Case of Necrotizing Fasciitis Managed with Modified Collagen and Glycerine Gel in Case Series/Study Combination with Sodium Polyacrylate Case Series/Study Concurrent use of Collagen and NPWT for Compromised Surgical Wounds Case Study Series: Utilization of Monofilament Pads to Effectively Debride Various Types of Case Series/Study Wounds in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) Setting Risk of Pressure Ulcer Development Associated with Ambulance Transport of Acute Case Series/Study Rehabilitation (AR) Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries - Case Report Larval Debridement Therapy of Sacral/Coccyx Pressure Ulcers in the Acute rehabilitation Case Series/Study Setting Case Series/Study Lower extremity wounds and IV Drug Abuse: Case Report Mowry Mowry Moyer Mrdjenovich Nair Nataraj Ocampo Otsuji-Miwa Otsuji-Miwa Paletta Case Series/Study Unusual Presentaon of a Deep So Tissue Leiomyoma as an Infected and Draining Wound Patel Case Series/Study Corynebacterium Striatum: A Concerning Pathogen of Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Patient. One-Time Application of Viable Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue for the Treatment of Surgical Case Series/Study Amputation Wounds in High-Risk Patients- A Series of 5 Cases A Novel Surgical Subdermal Technique using Viable Cryopreserved Placental Membrane to Case Series/Study Treat Chronic Ulcers Patel Phelan Phelan

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