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Clinical Research

Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation System versus Air Fluidized Systems in the Acute Post-Operative Management of Pressure Ulcers Liu Treatment with Acellular Fish Skin Results in Lower Use of Antibiotics: A Retrospective Study on 68 Chronic Wounds Magnusson Acellular Fish Skin Graft to Prevent Re-Infection and amputation in Exposed Bone Lower Extremety Wounds with History of MRSA and Chronic Osteomyelitis Magnusson An Initial Retrospective Quality Control Analysis of Lower Extremity Ulcer Recurrence post dHACM in a High Risk Veteran Patient Population in Chicago Mahmood Marasco, Pulsed Pressurized Irrigation Wound Therapy Using a Novel Self-Contained System MD,FACS Clinical Research The Role of Esterified Hyaluronic Acid Bilaminar Matrix in Wound Healing, a Case Series mari Clinical Research Extracellular Microvesicles as a Novel Biomarker for Wound Healing mari The Effect of Adding Extracellular Matrix Products and Surgical Hemostat to Wounds Treated Clinical Research with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy McLeod Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Validity, Inter-Rater and Intra-Rater Reliability of an Adjustable Compression Device Application Muldoon Case Series Evaluating the Efficacy of Modified Collagen with Glycerine in Periwound Skin Management Nair Cost-effectiveness of Nanocrystalline Silver Dressings compared to Silver sulphadiazine (SSD)/silver nitrate use in patients with superficial and deep-partial thickness burns Nherera Cost-Effectiveness of Silver Delivery Approaches in the management of patients with superficial and deep-partial thickness burns ie, Silver Barrier Dressing (SBD)A, Silver Hydrofiber Dressing (SHD)B and Silver Foam Dressing (SFD)C. Nherera Clinical Research Comparative analysis on a four component vs a zinc based compression wraps O'Connor

Clinical Research Wounds evoke reaction of the lymphatic system ‰ÛÒ does it correlate with healing? Olszewski Clinical Research Postmastectomy lymphedema is successfully treated by silicone tube implantation bypassing the axillary pit- a three-year follow up Olszewski Clinical Research Live indocyanine green lymphography shows differences in effectiveness of mld, linforoll massage and intermittent pneumatic compression Olszewski Clinical Research Indocyanine green fluorescence tissue staining combined with tonometry shows how much force is needed to move edema fluid during manual massage Olszewski Clinical Research Tonometry of deep tissues for setting effective compression pressures in edematous limbs Olszewski Clinical Research Bacteria are present in subcutaneous tissue deprived of lymphatic circulation‰ÛÒpossible factor for non-healing of ulcers Olszewski Clinical Research Obstructive lymphedema of lower limbs after inflammation, ulcers, trauma and cancer lymphadenectomy can be successfully controlled by silicone tube Implants bypassing obstruction site ‰ÛÒ a six years follow-up Olszewski Clinical Research Five-years of intermittent pneumatic compression in postinflammatory, posttraumatic and post-cancer-therapy edema of lower limbs Olszewski Clinical Research Is it really cost-effective to risk-assess all hospitalized patients for pressure injuries every nursing-shift? Padula Clinical Research The real-world effectiveness of sacral dressings to prevent hospital-acquired pressure injuries in academic medical centers: An observational cohort study Padula Clinical Research Normalization of the ratio of M1:M2 macrophages in wounds of diabetic patients treated with porcine urinary bladder matrix Paige Clinical Research A Retrospective Multicenter Review Evaluating the Safety of Diving Fiberglass Total Contact Casts in Hyperbaric Oxygen(HBO) Chambers. Patel Clinical Research Venous Ulcer Itch: Analysis of Wound Characteristics and Wound Fluid Paul Hepatitis C in High-Risk Patients Seeking Wound Care: Self-Reported Occurrence and Clinical Research Knowledge Pieper

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