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Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Proteomic and Cytokine Profiles from Wound Exudate in Persons with Advanced Injection- Related Venous Disease Care Plans Developed by Beginning Nursing Students for Patients with Acute or Chronic Wounds Infection and Non-healing Rates between STSG and Bilayer Collagen Grafts in the Complex Diabetic Host A Hope of Chronic Wound Healing -Evaluation of the Success of Topical Application of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma in District General Hospital Ampara Sri Lanka. Pieper Pieper PLATT Ramanayake Clinical Research Sacral skin blood flow response to alternating pressure operating room overlay Ranganathan Improving patient comfort and satisfaction in emergency departments with a low profile Clinical Research dynamic overlay Ranganathan Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research Clinical Research A low profile dynamic overlay to prevent pressure injuries in vulnerable nursing home residents Ranganathan Epidemiological Study: Pressure Injury Rates in relation to Hospital Wide Use of a New Silicone Foam Dressing Ray Clinical utility of dehydrated amniotic membrane allograft (DAMA) in High Risk Veteran Population with Lower Extremity Ulcers Rutan Prospective trial of Interrater and Intrarater Reliability of Wound Measurement using a Smart phone App vs the Traditional Ruler Seat Highlighting Various Application Methods of dHACM for Wound Healing in a Compromised Urban Veteran Population Shaman Clinical Research Rapid enzymatic burn debridement: Review of seven clinical studies Shoham Clinical Research Review of pediatric clinical experience with rapid enzymatic burn debridement Shoham Clinical Research Rapid enzymatic burn debridement: Results of a multinational RCT Shoham

Clinical Research Rapid enzymatic debridement of chronic wounds: Preliminary results Shoham Clinical Research Rapid enzymatic debridement of chronic wounds: Results of a multicenter phase II trial Shoham Clinical Research SPP and Wound Closure Time in Lower Extremity Wounds Suzuki Clinical Research A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Trial of Atraumatic Silver Dressings* in the Management of Acute Surgical Wounds Torabi Clinical Research Compromized Wound Healing in BALB/c Mice with Local Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Infection TrÌüstrup Clinical Research Decreasing Cesarean Infection Rates Using Silver Ionized Dressing underhill A Single-Center Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of Three Competitive Superabsorbent Silicone Clinical Research Foam Dressings in the management of Pressure Injury Woo Clinical Research Is there a correlation between sacral decubitus ulcer size and post-debridement complications? Wozniak Clinical Research A Novel Indicator Dressing for Improved Cost Efficient Treatment of All Types of Wounds. yousif Information/Educational Report Information/Educ ational Report Wound Consultations, Therapy Orders, Outcomes Management, and Wound Management Guide via a Novel Mobile Application Allen Information/Educ ational Report The Business of Wound Healing: Issues Driving Change & What Should We Be Doing? Alvarez Information/Educ ational Report A simplified tool for cost-effectiveness analysis of venous ulcers treatments Aron

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