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Information/Educ ational Report Evaluation of a New Patient Centered Remote Therapy Monitoring System for Monitoring Adherence to Wound Therapy Grothues Information/Educ ational Report Therapeutic targets in the management of striae distensae: A systematic review Hague Information/Educ ational Report Utilizing Advanced Technology In Wheelchair Seating to Manage Pressure Injuries Hammond Information/Educ ational Report Against All Odds; Necrotizing Fasciitis, Multiple Comorbidities, Home in 50 Days johnson Information/Educ ational Report Cloud technology supports full scope of practice: A real world example. Kohr Information/Educ ational Report Evaluation of Reliability of an Automated Wound Measurement Tool Compared with Standard Wound Measurement Approaches. Kohr Information/Educ ational Report A unique communication/data tracking tool for surgical site infection in the community. Kohr Information/Educ ational Report Comparison of quality metrics for patients undergoing total hip or knee arthroplasty with and without closed incision negative pressure therapy Law Information/Educ ational Report Silver re-vamped. Anovel new nano-particle silver application. leak

Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report Using Objective Measurements to Evaluate Reduction in Inflammation and Bioburden Response to Application of a Fibrous Silver Oxysalt Dressing Step it Up! Using an Integrated Step-wise Approach to Achieve Outcomes in the Patient with Diabetic Lower Extremity Wounds Milne Milne Information/Educ ational Report The Unmet Need for Effective Topical Analgesia ‰Û¬in Patients With Chronic Leg Ulcer Pain Parra Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report Adoption of a Customizable Total Skin Health Solution Program in Acute and Post-Acute Care Facilities A Novel Online Training Program Aimed At Reducing Pressure Injury Incidence in both the Acute Care and Post- Acute Care Setting Ray Ray Information/Educ ational Report Will This Wound Heal? - Understanding the Biology of Wound Healing Rivers Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report ‰ÛÏEmpowering Skin Champions at the Bedside to Prevent Pressure Injury and Improve Quality Patient Outcomes‰Û Reducing Hospital-acquired Pressure Injuries and the Cost of Prevention in the OR and ICU Setting Adoption of Larvae debridement in an Academic Medical Center for a Wide Variety of Chronic Wounds ROBINSON,M PH,RN,WOCN Sammon Schneider

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