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Information/Educ ational Report Perioperative Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PPUP) Toolkit Scott Information/Educ ational Report Assessment of a New Single Patient Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Device in Practice in an NHS Setting Scullin Information/Educ ational Report Measuring Outcomes in Wound Care Shields Information/Educ ational Report Rise of the Cyber Criminal: HIPAA Security Does Not Stop at Compliance Shindell Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report Information/Educ ational Report Implementation of a medical training program for the introduction of a new rapid enzymatic eschar removal agent The use of rapid enzymatic debridement in the 2015 Romanian burn mass casualty incident: Ground breaking experience Increased Health Care Cost and Delayed Healing due to Restrictions on the Use of Skin Substitute Informed Application of Standards on Support Surface Performance for Clinically Meaningful Use The cost analysis‰Ûª approach in the diabetic foot ulcers‰Ûª studies: a ten-year integrative review Shoham Shoham Stainbrook Sylvia Tolentino

Information/Educ ational Report Fall Risk in People Presenting for Outpatient Lymphedema Therapy Warner Information/Educ ational Report Electronic Wound Assessment Systems ‰ÛÒ Interpreting the efficacy research Watson Information/Educ ational Report The perfect wound measurement and documentation system doesn‰Ûªt exist Watson Information/Educ ational Report A Review of Wound Measurement Tools and Techniques Wendland Information/Educ ational Report Make CME Matter: How a national skills workshop may impact practice change for patients with chronic wounds White-Chu Information/Educ ational Report Implementing a Chronic Wound Care Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents White-Chu Information/Educ ational Report Preventing Pressure Ulcers in ICU: A Performance Improvement Project Whitney Information/Educ ational Report Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management in the Remote Australian Kimberley Zubovic Laboratory Research Laboratory Research A Surfactant Polymer Dressing Potenates Anmicrobial Efficacy In Biofilm Disrupon (COM) Laboratory Research A Modified Chitosan Dressing Potently Inhibits Biofilm-Forming Bacteria (COM)

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