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Fluorescence Angiography

Fluorescence Angiography and the VIP of Wound Care: Enhanced Clinical Decision Making in Case Series/Study Infection Management Fluorescence Angiography and the VIP of Wound Care: Enhanced Clinical Decision Making in Case Series/Study Vascular Management Wound bed preparation for application of Full Thickness Skin Graft using Bilayer Wound Matrix and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in a patient with Acral Lentiginous Melanoma: Case Case Series/Study Report The Use of Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Angiography to Assess Perfusion of Traumatic Case Series/Study injuries in patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment Implementation of a Remote Temperature Monitor for the Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Case Series/Study A Case Series of 5 Patients Case Series/Study Decellularized Human Dermis for Closure of Diabetic Neuropathic Ulcers Use of a disposable, single-use, mechanically powered negative pressure wound therapy Case Series/Study system for the management of small refractory wounds in a wound care center The Use of Noncontact Low-Frequency Ultrasound in the Treatment of High Risk or Nonhealing Case Series/Study Wounds Case Series/Study Medical Grade Honey an Alternative to Operative Debridement Case Series/Study Defining & Describing Friction Injuries on the Buttocks and Posterior Thighs Use of Epidermal Grafting and Disposable, Single-Use, Mechanically Powered Negative Case Series/Study Pressure Wound Therapy in Stalled, Chronic Wounds Case Series/Study The management of a Neuropathic Diabetic foot Ulcer using a New PHMB Foam Bilayer Dermal Regeneration Matrix* Use In Clinical Settings For The Non-Diabetic Foot: A Case Case Series/Study Study Arnold Arnold Assani Baig Banks Banks Barrett Barrup Bayron Berke Bhatia Bhatt Bhoola

Case Series/Study Bilayer Dermal Regeneration Matrix* for Healing of a Diabetic Foot Wound, in the Clinical Setting: A Case Study Case Series/Study Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair In The High Risk Patient Case Series/Study The Use Of Decellularized Allograft* In The Treatment Of Complex Diabetic Trauma Patients Case Series/Study Reducing Fibrosis in Complex Hand Reconstruction with Decellularized Allograft* Case Series/Study Epidermal Skin Grafts for the Treatment of Post-Surgical Wounds in High Risk Patients Case Series/Study Critical evaluation of bandage alternatives: a case series Case Series/Study Use of Collagen Extracellular Matrix dressing and NPWT to heal complex pediatric wounds Blue to the rescue: closing challenging pediatric wounds in oncology patients with Methylene Case Series/Study Blue solution Use of Leptospermum honey and portable, single use Negative Pressure Therapy in closure of Case Series/Study dehisced cardiac sternal wounds. Bhoola Biasiolli Biasiolli Biasiolli Bingham Bock Boyar Boyar Boyar Case Series/Study Treatment of the Periwound with Intermittent Negative Pressure* Use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation to Heal a Stage IV Chronic Non- Case Series/Study Healing Hip Trochanteric Pressure Ulcer Case Series/Study Charcot-Marie-Tooth: Unique Case of Inherited Neuropathy in American Soldier Successful Healing of Complex Wounds With Exposed Tendon Using a Porcine Collagen Matrix Case Series/Study Containing Polyhexamethylenebiguanide Hydrochloride (PHMB) Activity Based Restorative Therapy (ABRT) and the risk of developing Skin Tears in patients with Case Series/Study Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report Briggs Broder Burdette- Taylor Carpenter Catania

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