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Case Series/Study Active Biofilm Management with Purified 2-layer Type 1 native porcine collagen matrix embedded with polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB). Longitudinal Tubular Elastic Compression Alternative, Interprofessional Team, and Self- Case Series/Study Management Facilitates Homecare Discharge After 13 Years of Treatment for Lipedema A longitudinal tubular elastic compression alternative for difficult to treat leg edema ‰ÛÒ a Case Series/Study retrospective case series of 21 patients Good Vibrations: The use of non-contact low frequency ultrasound therapy (NLFU)* in the Case Series/Study treatment of chronic wounds in the pediatric population A Sweet Solution: The Use of Medical-Grade Honey on Oral Mucositis in the Pediatric Oncology Case Series/Study Patient Case Series/Study Pilot Study Investigating the Use of a Exudate Management Dressing A Case Review Series of Christiana Care‰Ûªs Experience with Negative Pressure Wound Case Series/Study Therapy Instillation Initial Experience Using a Novel Reticulated Open Cell Foam Dressing with Through Holes Case Series/Study During Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation Case Series/Study The management of a Skin Tear using Silicone Wound Contact Layer. Case Series/Study The management of an acute trauma wound using a new Silicone Foam dressing Case Series/Study The use of a New PHMB Foam dressing on a leg ulcer wound Case Series/Study The use of a New PHMB Foam dressing on an Infected leg ulcer wound Case Series/Study The use of a New PHMB Foam dressing on a leg ulcer wound Case Series/Study The management of a Neuropathic Diabetic foot Ulcer using a New PHMB Foam Ekdahl Elliott Elliott Elsass Elsass Farrar Felte Fernandez Forder Forder Forder Forder Forder Forder

Case Series/Study The use of a New PHMB foam dressing on a non healing surgical wound Case Series/Study Management of Biofilm and Healing of Chronic Wounds with Ablative Erbium Laser Treatment Case Series/Study Managing Complications of IgA Vasculitis of the Lower Extremities Use of Closed Incision Negative Pressure Therapy over Ischemic Mastectomy Skin Flap Incisions Case Series/Study in Immediate Reconstruction Collagen/Oxidized Regenerative Cellulose on Donor Site Reduces Bleeding and Pain Cost- Case Series/Study Effectively Stool Management: Advanced Technology Performance with a Safer Solution for Fecal Case Series/Study Containment in Incontinent Patients Case Series/Study A New Dressing To Stimulate Autolytic Debridement And Reduce Bacterial Load: Decrease The Risk Of Bleeding, Pain, And Infection In Patients With Clotting Disorders Or On Anticoagulants Forder Fortier Frush Gabriel Gallagher Garcia Garrett Case Series/Study Making A Difference in the Treatment of Active Autoimmune Wounds: Gill Case Series/Study Measuring Post Radiation Inflammation and Reduced Perfusion in Patients Undergoing Breast Reconstruction with the Use of ICG Fluorescence Angiography* Gill Case Series/Study The Use of Cryopreserved human amniotic membrane and umbilical cord (AM/UC) Allografts* to expedite healing in patients with Chronic non-healing wounds Goldsmith Case Series/Study Comparison of the effects of hyaluronic acid 0.2%* and essential fatty acids in burn victim due to fertilizer exposure: case report Gon̤alves Case Series/Study Effectiveness of 0.2% hyaluronic acid* in the healing of cutaneous lesions of different etiologies in the elderly: case-series study. Gon̤alves Case Series/Study A Cryopreserved Viable Placental Membrane Aids Durable Closure of Non-Healing Radiation Burn Wound Gorbachev Case Series/Study A Viable Cryopreserved Placental Membrane Aids the Closure of Chronic Wounds of Various Etiologies in High Risk Patients Gorbachev

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