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Prototyping Getting an

Prototyping Getting an outline sketch of an idea down on paper is a form of prototype - a tangible artefact that prompts discussion, questioning and sharing of ideas. Sketch prototypes are quick and inexpensive to produce, enabling multiple ideas to be developed in parallel. They can also be used to gather feedback to incorporate into the next iteration of the idea. As feedback is being given on multiple ideas, produced quickly and cheaply - the creators are less likely to ignore/take criticism personally - and more inclined to use the feedback to create a better service. The New Service Proposal template shapes the prototype - mapping out the problem, who benefits from a new service and how it will work - using a ‘future’ journey map. Teams produced eight new service proposals on the day - varying from quick wins which could be implemented relatively quickly such as The Young People’s Panel - to medium and longer term ideas which need further development and testing. Developing the Young Workforce | Dundee City Council 28

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