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UNCERTAINTY / INSECURITY OF EMPLOYMENT • Range of career opportunities for MAs • Matching training and education opps to reflect where there’s growth in the labour market • Not a temp position – makes it viable long term • Need for permanent posts at end • Unclear of future – not known if will be made permanent • No clear what future is at end of apprenticeship • Giving an early enough indication of future prospects • Unclear what will happen at end of fixed term apprenticeship • Future?? LISTENING EAR • Removing barriers • Working 121 to resolve issues • Employer fully understanding of back ground from personal experience • Working together • Made the decision • Having the right professional to listen to her *named person service* • Listening ear • Listening, found herself • Listening ear but not known previously • Real mentors – personal experience – belief and boundaries UNHELPFUL FOCUS ON FUTHER / HIGHER EDUCATION • Education partnerships important • Not enjoying the whole ‘school experience’ • Clarity around education definition. E.g. SCQF • School need clearer links to employers • People to promote MA’s • YP to go into schools to share their experience as an MA • Awareness raising of MA’s as a valid and worthwhile alternative to uni • Other options • More awareness of all types of options not just MA • Feeling a bit pushed towards further education • Why do we focus on FE/HE? Best for young people or targets or both? • Push towards FE and HE unhelpful • University isn’t ‘be all and end all’ for academic young people! Developing the Young Workforce | Dundee City Council 34

ENTREPRENEURSHIP • Micro / small business need info on MA • Young people – bring new energy and ideas to the workplace • Looking beyond the obvious • MA’s – coming in to learn but bring new skills • Have a ‘you can and can do’ attitude FINANCIAL ISSUES • Finance • Permanent positions • Genuine engagement: finance, permanent, accepting • Additional financial supports • Real jobs • Financial support where parents can’t MISCELLANEOUS • Need to sell business benefits of having a young, diverse workforce • Diverse workforce diverse get ideas • MA’s bring new skills and perspectives to organisations • Employers need to embrace diversity • Employers learn new skills / perspectives / changes • Creates opportunities for employers as well as young people • Encouraging services / managers to take on young people • Employers benefits Developing the Young Workforce | Dundee City Council 35

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