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Participants Day one was

Participants Day one was attended by over thirty DCC staff involved in employment services and nine young people either employed by the council as Modern Apprentices or being supported on their journey into work through council agencies. The majority of these participants also attended on day two and were joined by five new young people and a further twenty five council staff including the Chief Executive and Heads of Services. Facilitation Open Change’s facilitation was supported by Melissa Cowan, Tracey Jamieson, Katina Ruseva and Clare Thoms who attended the City Design Academy - an initiative to embed service design thinking in Dundee City Council. Developing the Young Workforce | Dundee City Council 6

Outputs and Outcomes Eight new service proposals and improvements were developed by cross-departmental teams from the City Council. These included changes which can be implemented immediately and some which could be developed and implemented in the medium and longer term. They included: • The Young People’s Panel - including young people who are seeking work and young people in the workforce in decision making processes at all levels. • Reviewing the Recruitment and Selection process - could alternative means of reaching out to young people and enabling them to present their skills in alternative ways diversify the workforce and be more inclusive. • Friday Get Togethers and other means of supporting young people in employment - systems exist for helping students - from loans to accommodation to the student union - what can we do to enable young people manage, develop and feel connected to their work. Feedback to the question “if one good thing came out of today…” indicates that there is a determination throughout Dundee City Council to better understand young people’s experiences and to implement ideas generated over the two days. “It will be the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the next generation which will make change happen” Heather Campbell, DCC Modern Apprentice Developing the Young Workforce | Dundee City Council 7

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