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CONNECT. I SS U E 2 2 0 1 6 FROM HIGH DRIVING TO HIGH KICKS TO HELP YOUNGSTERS A CRANE OPERATOR AT AV DAWSON SWITCHED HIS ATTENTION FROM HIGH DRIVING TO HIGH KICKS TO RAISE MONEY FOR A LOCAL MARTIAL ARTS CLUB. Brian Davies, a crane driver at the freight logistics business, contacted his employer about Middlesbroughbased Max Training Martial Arts Club’s recent fundraising drive. The club needed to buy extra sparring equipment to help six budding kickboxers represent England in the junior kickboxing World Championships later this year. Brian, who has worked for AV Dawson for over 20 years, received help from his employer to apply for charity funding from Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation, of which AV Dawson is a patron. It secured the club £1,000 which will provide training and equipment for the young kickboxers, including Brian’s granddaughter Saran Hill, so they are ready for the big contest in Portugal. Last year, talented Saran became the youngest black belt at the gym at the age of seven and recently won the British championships in Manchester in her age group for point sparring. Brian said: “It’s really important that our kids and grandkids are encouraged, inspired and given these opportunities through community sports clubs like Max Training.” CHARITY CRICKET & SUMMER SOCIAL TEESPORT BUSINESSES WIN ANNUAL CHARITY CRICKET MATCH TO LEVEL THE SCORES WITH PD PORTS. The Tees & Hartlepool Port Users Association (THPUA) beat PD Ports with 126 for 3 in this year’s charity cricket to bring the overall scores level at 7 each. THPUA, which includes many of the biggest businesses operating on Teesport and the River Tees, including SABIC, Cory Brothers and AV Dawson, pull a team together each year to challenge the port authorities, PD Ports. The annual event, which provides an opportunity for the port users to mix, was expanded into a bigger social event with lots of colleagues attending to cheer on their team while they enjoyed a beer and a burger. A total of £1,250 was raised for charity during the event. These funds will be donated to the Tom Dresser VC Fund as part of a fundraising campaign that has been launched by PD Ports’ Engineering Manager, Brian Dresser, to erect a statue in honour of his grandfather Private Tom Dresser, the first person to be awarded the Victoria Cross in Middlesbrough. 10

Safety Integrity Family Resourceful SAFETY FIRST NEIL OLVER HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGER In 1938 BW Rawson started up with a horse and cart, the driver Ernie lost many bags of coal and the company learnt early in its life that safety would be paramount. The business was the first to fit seat belts on the cart and restrict Ernie’s speed however he did not follow instruction and after one unsavoury incident in which he walked away unscathed he was dismissed. The seat belt worked and Ernie was saved. It was said he later became a milk cart driver which was alleged to be the fastest in the west. Some of you may well be too young to know what I’m talking about (think Benny Hill). However, there’s a serious message behind this. At AV Dawson we are committed to ensuring the Heath, Safety and Welfare of our employees, contractors and anyone else that may be affected by our activities. I was given this remit in January 2013 and we immediately embarked on attaining OHSAS 18001:2007; a worldwide standard in occupational health and safety. With positive engagement and participation from management and employees alike this was attained in June 2014. Since attaining the standard accidents involving first aid reduced by 31% in the first year (29 to 20). The standard demands continual improvement and by the end of 2015 this had reduced to 8, representing an overall 72% decrease. We’re committed to creating an injury free environment and working towards a goal of ‘Zero Harm’. This commitment is reflected in the company’s vision; with the business now placing ‘Safety’ as its number one priority in the organisation’s values. Our values capture in words who AV Dawson is and what our company stands for. They guide the decisions and actions throughout our organisation, ensuring we never compromise on the health and safety of our people, customers, visitors and contractors. We are committed to preventing injuries and ill health to our people and those we work with, and provide the training, tools and knowledge to ensure our people return home safely. To continually improve we recently undertook a ‘safety culture’ survey with all employees. The survey showed the perceived culture of the business is ‘independent’ meaning people have the ability to think for themselves and behave safely without being micro-managed. We are now moving the business safety culture to ‘interdependent’. This means that people and managers value safety and work in ways that ensure the protection from harm of everyone on site, not just themselves. We are already engaging in proactive safety initiatives and the challenge for the business now is to maintain this high level of performance" and achieve the companies ambitions of ‘Zero Harm’. NEW FACES WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS OF THE TEAM: Russell Porter May 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Martin Allan May 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Kevin Scott May 16 Yard Assistant Marc Swalwell Jun 16 Trailer Workshop Supervisor Anthony March Jul 16 Forklift Driver Ian Buttery Jul 16 Shunter Driver Adrian Sowerby Jul 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Bryan Westmorland Aug 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Martin Jones Sep 16 Accounts Assistant Daniel Little Sep 16 HGV Class 1 Driver David Naisbitt Sep 16 Trailer Workshop General Assistant Nathan Stares Sep 16 HSE & Quality Advisor David Ash Oct 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Matthew Rooks Oct 16 Trailer Fitter Peter Athey Oct 16 Transport Manager Chris Day Oct 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Stephen Scott Nov 16 Plant Fitter Frank Bullock Nov 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Martin Howel Nov 16 HGV Class 1 Driver Ross Sampson Nov 16 Trailer Workshop Supervisor Stephen Bailey Nov 16 HGV Class 1 Driver NEW PLACES WE THANK THOSE COLLEAGUES MOVING ON TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND WISH THEM ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE: Dean Murray May 16 Bryan Griffiths May 16 Sean Atkinson Jun 16 Kenneth Smith Jun 16 Gavin Doe Jun 16 Stephen Daykin Jun 16 Darren Walker Jul 16 Jonathan Freeman Jul 16 Lee Walker Jul 16 Russell Spink Jul 16 Chris Baines Aug 16 Adrian Sowerby Aug 16 Andrew Holmes Aug 16 Mark Pittam Oct 16 Kevin Hamlyn Oct 16 Darren Seaman Oct 16 Gary Armstrong Oct 16 WELL WISHES After 15 years’ service, Russell Spink has decided to leave his position as Senior Transport Manager to embark on a fresh challenge. AV Dawson’s senior transport manager, Paul Scott, along with new recruit and senior transport manager Peter Athey will manage the transport operations moving forward. Gary Dawson said: “Russell has enjoyed a great career with us; he’s been a key member of the team and a real ambassador for the business. We of course wish him every success for the future.” Keep up to date with our latest news on our... W 11

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